Naylor Creek plants arrive

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)April 27, 2012

Here they are, mostly golden and shining like new money.

Teatime with some shoots and fat eyes and then open leaves

Stained Glass replacement just in case

Forbidden Fruit, sport of Orange Marmalade....tet? I forget

Funky Monkey

Paradise Island x 2...can you tell I LIKE IT?

Orange Marmalade...much bigger than I expected it to be

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They look great! Naylor is a great source and I'm sure they will all be lovely in your garden. I have Funky Monkey and it is looking pretty darn nice this year and definitely "funky" LOL! If you want to see a pic of mine - look at my thread for "What looks good today Apr 26". The thumbnail is clickable.


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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Only on a hosta forum will you find people 'ohhh and ahh-ing' at 530am. Nice plants you got there. Cannot wait to see an update soon. Paula

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Gesila(MI Z5)

What beautiful colors! Makes me think of a nice warm sunny day. I forgot all about Forbidden Fruit, it's on my list now.


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Ooo. I really like Paradise Island, too.

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By the time I got these in the pots today, the Stained Glass had unfurled two leaves completely. No longer just shoots. Here it is with my older Stained Glass which never went dormant, has yet to grow any new leaves this spring. I placed the two pots next to each other, did not want to pot them together, which I'd have done if I knew it was cool to do so.

Teatime with a green teapot to help me remember where it is.

Stained Glass #1 left and new guy #2 right

Funky Monkey

Forbidden Fruit

Orange Marmalade

and.....(drum roll)....PARADISE ISLAND x2

Sure hope you like them. I feel happy as a clam.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

You've been busy. With all the new plants arriving, you must be spending your all your time potting things up. We're looking forward to great photos as they mature.


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BKay, a lot of time potting, and all the time looking for new pots, more potting soil, insecticide, slug pellets, you name it. Then pictures, and I try to "tag" them and have to upload them to Flickr. (I had troubles with Photobucket so I stopped loading there, just keep the account for viewing others' albums). It takes a lot of time to identify each photo, else I'd wind up with a lot of PHOTO NOIDS.

However, I think Paradise Island is one that I could ID from further than 10 feet! I'll be taking a fun trip to a cheap store to look for small figures that can be used in hosta pots to help jog my memory about its name. I saw some ceramic stakes with mushrooms all colors on top, that would be nice size (about 2 inch figure on top of a 6-8 inch stake) for a pot of hosta, but no good to have mushrooms. And NO SNAILS up on top either thank you!

Maybe some nice size rocks for names? But in pots, the rocks get covered up.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Sometimes I tuck one of those plastic markers just inside the edge so it sits just above soil level, but below the edge of the pot. When I forget a name I can look in there, but it doesn't stick up above the level of the pot.

If you have so much room around your hosta in the pot, you might have it in too large a pot. Just a suggestion.


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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Go to a Staples kind of store and get a label printer. I leave my names where I can see them and rearrange them for photos so I do not have to id later. When I do the hosta walk I can call them out by name. Have a great day all, Paula

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Naylor Creek does a great job don't they. I got these last year. Quart jars and 1 gallon pitcher holds them, so you can see how nice the size. Get a load of those roots!!!

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Lovely pictures there in their jars.

Babka, I was going by the size of the roots, which were extensive and needed room to spread out. Seems I read that could require a larger pot.

The teapot is barely in the pot, it will be coming out and I'll use it for watering with liquid fertilizer. I have some fish emulsion.

Folks keep saying how hosta don't like to be moved or repotted it could set them back. So I'm giving them a bit of space, but not really too too much. I have big holes drilled in all the plastic pots, usually 3 or 4, and then a lot of styrafoam peanuts beneath the media, now I have all that lovely bark and MiracleGro which will help them drain. So if there is a larger margin in the pot, perhaps they won't suffer. The small plants are all in small pots.

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