Anybody Here Intentionally Grow Mushrooms?

brute(Florida 9B)September 2, 2011

Part of my property is shaded by several large live oaks. A few years ago, after cutting off some large branches, I got the bright idea that since this area stays in permanent shade anyway, why not try growing edible mushrooms on these logs?

So, I sent away for a "lion's mane" spore kit from a company out in Washington state. After impregnating the logs with the spores, I sat back and waited for something delicious to happen.

And waited, and waited, and waited.

No dice!

Can edible mushrooms be grown in Southwest Florida at all? Should I try another species?

This mail-order company had a zillion kinds of mushroom spores in their rather attractive catalog.

Has anybody here done this?

Are there any mushroom-growing forums on GardenWeb? I can't seem to find any.

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I did in Tampa Bay a few years ago. They were a bit of a pain. I did get a few, but man are they picky. I actually cannot remember what kind they were. I guess that is because I decided to never bother again.

that said, if you can get the correct climate, the kits they sell (grow in supplied box, etc) are good. I have done that a few times over the winter and kept the kit in the garage. Got lucky on the temperature and got tons of mushrooms. I grew white button and giant portabella. They were the best tasting mushrooms I have ever had.

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keiki(10 FL)

There was a class offered in Fort Myers that I thought sounded like fun till I found out it cost $125. Anyway my point is apparently they can be grown in zone 10. Although at that price I wont be trying.

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I live in 9b & am using dowels in oak logs, trying to grow some shiitake mushrooms. I started it end-June and am keeping fingers Xed. I was told it will take at least 10mos if not longer to sprout. My 1st attempt so I'm not sure what to expect.

Brute, how did you impregnate your logs? Did you drill, insert & then wax them?


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