Check out my new planter . . .

maidinmontanaMay 13, 2010

I saw this at Hobby lobby yesterday and just had to have it. I have been wanting something like this for awhile. I'm running out of table/floor space and this works perfect.It's made of thin metal and is big enough to hold a 8"pot. And it was only 5 bucks. . .

Polyneura in new pot. . .

Thanks for looking,


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Very cool Maid...might have solved your space problems,lol...
now you can buy more hoyas. Going vertical, I love it!

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Neat, Maid!

I'm going to have to look for some, however, there isn't any Hobby Lobby stores around here I agree with Pug, it does solve space problems.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I do the same thing using vintage medical enamelware irrigators. The irrigators are not always cheap but they are collectible and I have a thing for enamelware, comes from growing up on a farm I guess. There is a spout the used to hold surgical tubing but I simply fill the bottom of the container with packing peanuts and then pour the excess water out of the spout and rehang. I have eight plants hanging like this now and several more to go into empty irrigators I have waiting. Each irrigator is around 2 liters so they are good for most small to medium Hoyas.

Here's to using all available surfaces to grow our Hoyas!

Here is Hoya sp Sulawesi GPS 8863 which is most likley Hoya pallilmba.

Hoya sp. Haruku

Hoya sp Sulawesi GPS 7729 which is probably a form of Hoya brevialata.


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Very cool Mike, what an unusual way to display them. . . I really like them. I too have a fondness for collectibles, so they really strike my fancy. Thanks for sharing. . .

yes Brad and Pug, moving up the walls means more space for others to move in. . . I don't really like to 'institutionalize' my plants by crowding them in an out of the way space, so I am slowly bringing them out as they get big enough to display. . . I will never have a house big enough to display them all, however.

Thanks everyone. . .

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Jan Sword

Maid, very nice planter.
Mike, cute hoya display.


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tishfromwis(z5 WI)

Super cool you two!!! Now do you two have the hoyas in pots and have the pots inside the containers? Boy would this push my husband over the top (and he is the most easiest-going person I've ever met); he thinks I have an issue already with my hoya collection.

By the way Mikey, I don't collect enamelware, but I sure do love it!!!


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Cool you guys....I'm a collector too....depression glass and some enamel ware, so can appreciate what you too have done.

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Maid - I really like your new planter ,,, but what makes it look so great is your plant!!! Sure wish my poly looked that good (mine is rather "droopy" looking). By the way, I also really like your napkin holder.

Mike - I like your display ,,, very clever!

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For those of you without Hobby Lobby, first, I am sad for you. Second, try Michael's.

I am worried that my hoyas wouldn't get enough light on the walls. Do you plan to switch them out periodically?

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Oh yeah, and you can also check out Hobby Lobby online at

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During the summer when the sun is high in the sky the Hoyas on the wall in my living room get too little light due to the shade that is cast by the balcony above mine. I may have to come up with a source of artificial light or I will be forced to move the plants. My others that are in the irriagtors in a different room get a mix of natural and artificial light and they do very well.

You definitely have to take light levels into consideration. I recently got a light meter to help me decide if my plants are getting enough light but I have yet to check all of my growing areas.

Tish mine are just filled with potting mix but there is a good amount of drainage material at the bottom.


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Yes, mine is in another pot and just setting in the wall planter. It slides in and out easy so I can get it out to water it.

Also, the wall it's on is across from an east facing window so it get morning sun and very bright light the rest of the day. . . in the afternoon it gets a peak at the western sun from behind the curtain. I just put it there when I snapped the pic so I don't know if it's going to like it there or not.

Thanks everyone. . .


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