Tetraploid 'spartacus'

uk-hostamanApril 9, 2012

I discovered last season that one of my 'spartacus' i had bought seemed to have alot thicker leaf substance then the others....now this season it has come up and again appears to have the same substance.....i've read up alittle on tetraploid hostas(some good some bad) so when do i put it in production and make loads of money!...lol...just would like to know if hostas can turn to a tetraploid or it has to come from a sport or tc...and is it likely to revert back?

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UK, don't want to bump this down, but have an observation. I was googling "tetraploid hosta" and guess what showed up ALREADY, just 9 hours after you posted this, your entry was indexed in Google. Fantastic coverage for GWeb! Maybe just for the Hosta Forum.

Here we sit chatting away, and there is a set of BIG EARS broadcasting our conversations to the entire online community.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Oooooooooooooooooo. I hope it stabilizes for you. A beautiful plant in its own right, with thicker leaves. Oh my! Next year you might be rich and famous.


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I don't know your answer, but I'm going to bump this back up to the top so some of the smarter people will notice and reply. I know that in the daylily world, tetraploids only happen through genetic engineering with chemicals. Some smarter people will know if that's true of hosta. Nance

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