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rennflMay 4, 2013

I just had to show off the bud development of my Hoya publicalyx and Hoya serpens plants.

The publicalyx currently has 11 budding penduncles, of which it looks like 10 of them should be open at the same time. Please excuse the messiness of the plant, I've pretty much ignored this over the winter, it seriously needs rewinded.

Oh the anticipation!


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And my potted serpens, I had taken a bunch of cuttings from this about two years ago, and it's now finally back to where it was. It's got 15 penduncles that I managed to count, but at different bud development stages.


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And I mounted a few cuttings of serpens last summer. First is the picture from at that time, then the next pictureis from this morning. It's starting to fill in a bit, and it's getting ready to bloom as well.


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And my only current blooming Hoya. aff. parasitica 'Lao2'. Now, I have a nice big lovely plant of this that I have babied, and last summer I put a cutting in S/H. I left this cutting outside all winter, gave it no attention whatsover, only Mother Nature took care of it.

And look, the nice big heathly plant is doing nothing, and the spindly little cutting with no care is:

And here is the whole spindly looking plant.


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Great plants Renee. You live in Fla, right? How do you grow your serpens? I bought some cuttings in early winter. They didn't do anything all winter but once the weather started to warm up they have slowly died.
A month or two ago I mounted H. curtisii. I find I have to water it every day. It's a lot of work mounted. serpens would probably want more shade then curtsii and maybe not dry out as much.
Baton Rouge, La

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WOW Renee look at all those flowers you are going to have.
Are you still using K-Lite. I am and I cant seem to get my serpens to bud up and flower.It has grown a ton of peduncles this winter.

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Wow, that pubicalyx is going to put on quite a show! And the serpens is equally impressive. Very nice indeed!

Does the aff. parasitica 'Lao2' have a scent? (In my mind it kind of looks like it should smell lemon-ish, but it probably doesn't, lol.) It's so much fun when a plant that's been neglected and ignored suddenly decides to flower. Maybe it's the plants way of saying 'Hey, I'm still here. Stop ignoring me!' : )

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Randy - Yes Im in Florida, but the panhandle, so my weather is probably similar to you. I leave the serpens outside all year, so down to freezing in the winter, and the full heat of summer. I give it dappled sunlight in summer, but in the winter it gets direct sunlight for about 3 - 4 hours a day. Watered infrequently in winter (mostly by rain), and daily in summer, but even the daily watering in summer, the plant does dry out everyday. Hope this helps.

cpawl- yes I'm still using K-lite, but over the winter I had some symptons (mostly on my orchids) that indicated a possible P deficiency, so I supplement with bone meal as well.

Klea - yes it does, a very light scent, almost rose-like.


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Very nice Renee! Those mounted Serpens are interesting and I cannot believe they flower like that. Lao 2 is a beauty. I would love to see a shot of the h.pub when it opens. ~ Mary

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I love the way the serpens buds look hanging from your mounted plant. It's really displaying them to best advantage. And you certainly have a knack for this species, Renee.

What a production from your publicalyx! I think when it blooms, I'll be able to smell it from here.

I love the Lao 2. I'm always acquiring parasiticas hoping they will resemble this aff. parasitica, but they never do... ^_^'

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Managed to be home to get pictures of the publicalyx last weekend in full bloom.

Unfortunately, I was gone for the potted serpens, but the mounted one I may be able to get pictures of when it's open.

I know everyone has a publicalyx, and really is anyone interested in seeing it again? But I just love love love publicalyx, so bare with me please :)

If I manage to get pics of the serpens, I'll add them here.

Happy Memorial Day!


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I will never tire of the h.pub! Just lovely. Thanks for sharing.
Happy Memorial Day! Thanks to all who died to serve our country and defend its freedoms.
~ Mary

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Oh, look at that! That is one beautiful H. pubicalyx! Too bad you missed the serpens, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed you won't miss it when the mounted one opens its buds.

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That is a beauty! We may have it bloom but not like yours!!! That is a spectacular show!!! Thank you for updating the blooms! They are a beautiful site!

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