Need a new pressure canner?

GeneTheNewGuyAugust 16, 2012

I got an email today from Amazon (once you look at anything on their site they start sending emails about that and similar items).

It said they have the Presto # 01781 23-quart canner on sale is now $74.97

This is a good good good price I think.

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Gene, I think it has been that price for awhile, then you need to add the regulator. I started to buy a new one then saw that my old Mirro still had parts available, so I think I'm just going to order back up parts and keep using it. Actually, I didn't use it at all this year because I could use BWB for everything I canned. I have been told that the old Mirro canners are OK, but the newer ones are not. The one you show above is the one I had been looking at though.

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