Do you have fruit split ?

gatormomx2(9a)September 7, 2008

Due to the prolonged drought followed by record rainfall , many of my citrus fruits are splitting . It is particularly prevalent on the Minneola Tangelos - formerly known as Honeybells . Found more fruit split on an orange tree today .

Anyone else noticing this ? Is it just on citrus or have you seen it on other fruit trees ?

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Yes, I have had the same problem with my orange and grapefruit. Also, it seems I am having a lot more 'fruit drop' on my grapefruit than normal.

I also lost a lot of new growth leaves during the drought on my orange tree. No leaves have grown back and it's now just 'dead wood'.

I don't think I will have much fruit to enjoy this year.

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I haven't had any trouble with my various citrus splitting. The only thing that I noticed is that for a while the excess rains weakened the flavor of my ripening persimmons. They seemed to have returned to normal sugar content again.

I understand that particular varieties of citrus are much more prone to splitting than others. Also, I have an irrigation system so I do keep my plants evenly moist.

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

Yeppers, many of mine are splitting too. The Calamondin has end-rot, on many fruits, from the high humidity.

My citrus are on their own during drought seasons, since I cannot water 50 trees by hand and we are still under watering restrictions.

My oldest Meyer Lemon tree looks awful. So many fruits that the branches are all arched downward. All you can see of this normally 10' tree is bare limbs arching down, with fruits nearly on the ground.

My Navel Oranges, and Satsumas look great though, and the Lime trees are producing like mad!


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I have had the same luck with my Persian lime - good production and no fruit split . Other citrus have much less crop than last season . One thing surprised me - I have had almost no fruit drop on any trees - yet .

From U of F :
During winter, moderate drought stress can be beneficial because drought can increase flower induction. In addition, appropriately controlled drought stress may be of use to manipulate root and shoot growth to favor fruit growth and yield.

Unfortunately , our recent drought was not during the winter . We'll see what this coming season brings . Better quality fruit or watery tasteless citrus ??

Here is a link that might be useful: Citrus Tree Stresses

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No splitting, but my Persian Lime is dropping fruit like crazy. Mineola Tangelo is loaded like never before-doing good.
Meyer Lemon has a few,no dropping or splitting.
Blood Orange has 1 fruit-so far so good. Sunburst Tangarine is also loaded & doing good. I water with a hose occasionally-more when we go awhile without rain. Otherwise, I basically don't do anything special.

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