If I would just stay off the auction...

organic_kitten(8)October 3, 2012

But I don't. I had been really liking the looks of Abilene Lillian, idly looked at the auction and put in a bid. I got it...with my initial bid. Good...I guess.


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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

I know, me too! I just said the other day that's it! No more!
And then... I know that I can never just "window shop." So I even said to myself "NO MORE WINDOW SHOPPING RENA'"! Did it work? Noooooo... lol at least we're in good company! lol

O.K. what made me cave was there was one more that I really wanted this season PRIMAL SCREAM, everyone else has it and raves over it. I mean everybody, even all the blogs if they grow it they rave. Sooo I mean really, how could I not at least add that one, right? O.k... then since I receive reduced shipping on the next one... BTW have you seen WISTERIA? Wow, that is the epitomy of the most beautiful flower (at least in the pic.) If I could only have 1 of the daylilies that I ordered this year (just based on a pic of it) would be that one. And then someone says Colorado Moon Fire has been blooming 4 months straight for them! I should hide my lap top from myself! lol


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And that goes double for looking at catalogs. I wasn't planning to order more for spring, but have you seen Tim Herrington's FRIED GREEN TOMATOES? As if the name wasn't good enough, it's GREEN, really green, and I love green. Apparently others fell in love too,as it is sold out.

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Julia NY(6)

Soooooo, Kathy posts about Stella Ruffled Fingers and of course I've wanted that one but haven't dare to look on the auction or any sellers site for it. I did say no daylilies next year but then again, if I get rid of 1 or 2, then I can add 1 or 2, right?

I love the big green throats but I dare not go back and look at Tim's site again.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Well, I guess I am the only one being good as I have not looked at the auction in months. I have no room so must stay away from temptation.

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Rita but what about the 2300+ bulbs? You mean you steered clear of daylily temptation! LOL


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I have to behave for awhile. It's getting to late to start new plants here. While you could try, I have lost some before planting this late. Next year.....Happy Apache on the top of the list. I saw an actual bloom this summer vs a photo and was much prettier than the pics I've seen.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Well, yes. Only steared clear of ordering daylilies. Really went overboard on those bulbs!

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Kay - Abilene Lillian is gorgeous! I haven't bought any in that color combination yet. But the pics are always so beautiful.

Well, who can blame us for not staying off the LA! I won a 2 fan plant of Get Jiggy for $15, my husband brought it home from the P.O. today and it was a 3 fan large plant! Along with a double fan of Water Drops for $30. Very happy! There are some great deals to be had on there.


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Of course, I knew I was in good company...Rena, you have really added to your collection this year. I got one today too, it was Wild Apple Autumn which I fell in love with from Debra's pics. This was supposed to be two fans, and it was four beautiful fans that looked as if they had just been dug, not shipped to alabama from California. Beautiful new one.

Ah Floota. I have spent so much money after seeing some of your beauties, and that Fried Green tomatoes will have to come to my yard as soon as I can fine it too. What a beauty!

Lisa, I may be putting the last couple in the greenhouse to grow some....and Abilene Lillian will be a spring plant.

Rita, I know you can be telling us how good you've been. And another email with bulbs today!!! Your garden will be magnificent!


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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

lol Kay "that one will have to come to my yard as soon as I can find it." Well I can't find a pic of it. I know that I have seen it before. But can't find it now to have another look see. Where is it?

Well Kay this is the 1st year that I have really collected daylilies. I think at the beginning of the year I had maybe 24. And like Rita it's whole hog all the way! lol
I have a lot of years to make up for! I took out tons of plants that were just not making the grade anymore. And once I really started shopping for daylilies and saw what is out there I kinda went bonkers with wanting them everywhere. lol I bought a lot of them really cheap. Actually that was the only ones I was really buying at 1st. I was like hum do I really want this flower for $10? Geesh and now I look and say wow it's -only- $30. lol I ordered from all over and am very happy with all the sellers. So far so good...


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You are in now. this is a fun way to spend your money. I discovered this vice in 2008. Had had a little knee surgery and didn't know such daylilies existed until then.

I currently have a few more than 300. I too started with the low priced ones...some of which I will always have, price is not the determining factor of a good plant.

The first time I spent $50 for a daylily, I could hardly believe I was doing it. Nowadays, if I really want it, it will eventually come live with me. The auction is a pure money trap for me...but I have gotten some really beautiful daylilies there for good prices. I.m sure you already know to check the price you can get it for elsewhere, since it isn't always the best price.

Vendors vary too. Only once have I lost the money I paid for a plant. pretty good averaage.

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I've managed to get only a very few this fall and they are in pots. I've vowed not to buy any more daylilies until this crown rot problem has been solved. Our pest control man is coming this morning to do a soil drench with BanRot. I'm not sure how often I should do it.

I think the pricey "soil mix" we put in when we established the new beds must have come from a Florida swamp! I've never seen so many different kinds of mushrooms and that nastiest of nasty -- slime mold. At least we managed to get rid of that stuff, for good I hope!

I've had enough heartbreak this year: Belle Cook, Apache Sunrise, Sailing at Dawn, Crazy Ivan, Madeline Macartney, Clown Parade, Malaysian Marketplace, Mama's Cherry Pie, Berry Patch, etc. I hate to walk out to the garden for fear I'll see another dead one.


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Well Nancy, I can send you Clown Parade. I have Crazy Ivan, but he is a little small to divide. The others I don't have. On the other hand, maybe you will get a good surprise and some of them will come up after all...that happened with South Seas and Polkville Princess for me this year. It is so frustrating to lose a loved plant, and I am so sorry you have been hit hard with it.

It is doubly bad that you bought soil, paid good money for it, and it was a disaster. I hope everything looks up for you next year.


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