What hoyas would you save?

goddess9(7b)May 18, 2012

Okay, this just popped up in my head. Sorry if it's been done before - I don't remember seeing it.

If there was a fire and:

a) the people you love are safe

b) the most cherished things in your house are safe

and your hoyas were going to go next...which ONE would you save?

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I cherish my carnosas more than any other hoya!

Sorry, but I'm just a plain old girl!

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I'd have to rescue H. callistophylla.

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Hoya desvoeuxensis

I don't know why, but I feel a very personal attachment to this plant (even though its name changed on me...).

Because it was the first Hoya for which I spent what seemed at the time like "a lot of money," I feel about it the way I feel about my first car. Like it was a landmark moment, and is now an indivisible part of my identity.

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OMG what a hard question. I cherish my Ropes very much and they take forever to get a good size!

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