Attack of the frogs :)

Scarlet09(9)September 22, 2011

My backyard has been inundated with small, mostly brown frogs (with an occassional larger one seen). Perhaps they are the cricket frog I have read about online? Or maybe babies of the larger one?

Anyway, I've noticed several of them on my veggies. I know they tend to eat bugs, but any reason why I should be concerned about them getting comfy in the plants?

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You must have been having a lot of rain, or be near a body of water. My grandmother always called these "rain frogs", although they are really probably toads. They won't eat your veggies. They're probably just there for the sprinkler and the bugs. If they start developing large, bulging eyes and climbing on trees, kill them. They are Cuban tree frogs.

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Thanks, but I don't think I could kill a frog! Maybe relocate them :)

We don't near live water and I don't necessarily think our rain accumulation has been that great, but who knows!

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Do your frogs have little "suction cup" looking toes? I saw one of these on our front door last night. He looked different than the Northern toads I grew up with.

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Cuban tree frogs are invasive and eat the native tree frogs. Much as I hate killing them I do.

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I haven't noticed the toes. Most are really small and difficult to catch! I will look closer as I find more.

I mentioned this discussion to a colleague and he said the most humane way is to put them in the freezer in a bag. They will fall asleep before dying and apparently won't notice anything?

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Yep, that's how I kill mine (Cuban tree frogs). I'm not into killing critters, but the others are right. They eat the lizards and native frogs that eat the bugs. so, I kill them.

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annafl(z9b/10a Sarasota)

Scarlet, take a good look at them. Chances are good they are just the juvenile southern toads that are native down here. There are at least hundreds if not thousands of little ones in my yard during the day right now. The adults are seen mostly at dusk or dawn or if you happen to find their house. When they are little they are a medium to dark brown or reddish brown, and as they get older and a little bigger they get bumps on their head and some of them have a few markings. They are great pest control and I would never intentionally kill one. They will not hurt any of your plants. They are very loud at night during the summer though. I suspect that's what you have too.

Here is a link that might be useful: southern toad

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