Feeling a little stupid right now

onederwOctober 7, 2012

I ordered some Stella D'Oros and some Siloam Double Classics, which showed up here in the dreadful heat of August (which kept going right through September). Not wanting to plant them in the 100+ degree heat, I heeled them into pots and put them in the shade. They look great, very healthy, but I guess the heat must have gotten to me, because I forgot to label which was which. (I know, I know.)

I'm thinking that in theory, the Stellas are shorter than the Siloams, so their leaves should be narrower and smaller, right? (And in theory, bumblebees can't fly.) Any help you can give me about how to tell the two apart would be most appreciated.


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Kay, SDC has a broader leaf than Stella. But I'm afraid you can't be absolutely certain until next spring when they bloom. Best of luck -

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Don't feel stupid Kay just because you are a little forgetful!

If you hung out with me for one day I promise you'd go your way feeling like Einstein!

I just planted S.D.C. so I can't help you, sorry. There are a lot of growers on here that can probably help. Floota for one has a lot of knowledge, if she sees this maybe she can help.


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shive(6b TN)

Siloam Double Classic has wider leaves and and taller fans than Stella d'Oro when mature.


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Thanks, Debra! That's probably enough to let me tell them apart. It's a huge relief knowing that I'll not see golden yellow where I was expecting peachy pink.


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Haven't we all done something similar? This spring, I dug up half of two plants to take to a sale. I was distracted by something for a few minutes, wrote a quick label, and moved them around a bit while digging a few more. When I later went to divide the half clumps, I found that I had tagged the two as the same flower. One was a tall orange double-one was a small white non double. If I hadn't clipped them when I dug them, I would have been able to tell them apart by the length of the leaves, but I had. I had to replant them and wait for one to bloom so I could relabel them for next year's sale.

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I haven't done something like that, YET. But this year I got some dls with labels not attached to the fans. There was no way to tell which is which, so I planted them and made the labels. I hope they overwinter and flower, and then it will be fun to see if I guessed the names correctly :)

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As you know, I blame this kind of thing on garden gnomes.

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