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hermie3rd(5)May 4, 2013

Hi Everyone! It is FINALLY nice here in Michigan! Last week, I started moving my hibiscus and hoyas outside. I've moved them to my front porch, which faces east and gets morning sun. It was cloudy for a few days when I moved them, so I figured it would give everyone a chance to acclamate from being indoors to out. (Also, all the plants I moved to the front porch receive the same light during the fall and winter, because they are in front of my living room window).

I'm new to hoyas, and I've got a carnosa and a rope. I noticed the carnosa is getting new leaves that are actually reddish in color since moving it outside. Is this normal? The leaves were really dark green when my mom gave it to me, and it has never bloomed. It was suggested to me to move it into brighter light to promote blooms. The older leaves have turned a lighter green, but don't look like they are getting sun scorched at this point. I just want to make sure the reddish leaves are normal, since this is my first summer with my hoyas.

Thanks! :)

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Hi...Red leaves on new growth is normal for a lot of hoyas.They will slowly turn to green when they mature.Bright light causes this and it is good for the carnosa's,being it will stimulate flowering.too much direct sun will cause scorching of the leaves,which looked like white splotches on the leaves that will eventually turn a browner color...Jimmy

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