found a snow caps at lowes 2 bucks

leticiaplumeria(6)May 25, 2011

That's like the their plant. First was a varigated hindu rope. 2nd was a o the one that looks like a green bean. And the third. Us a lan. Snow caps . Lan. Snow caps likes to be wet correct.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

It's difficult to understand your communication when you write like the 2nd line. Fortunately, you don't seem to be asking a question.

May I ask what your other language(s) are? Perhaps that will help?

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Sorry I'm using my phone and it puts in words in wrong. For spell check sorry . what i ment to say is for the second hoya i got it looks like green beans . i can' t remember its its name . i also got a varigated hindu rope. and i also got a lacunosa snow caps all for 2 dollars and then my question was do lacunosa like to stay wet all the time u or do they like a drying period

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Thanks, Leticia. ^_^ That's much clearer. I thought you must be writing on a phone!

The green bean Hoya is probably Hoya linearis.

I usually water my lacunosas whenever the top soil is looking dry, so they stay moist, but not sodden. They are in small chunk coir, so I don't have to worry as much about the soil getting sodden and compacted. I have almost killed my lacunosa ssp. lacunosa from overwatering, when I first started learning about Hoyas and had it potted in an AV blend (1 vermiculite: 1 perlite: 1 peat). So, it IS possible to overwater them. My consensus is they like to be moist but still well-draining.

Congratulations on your new Hoyas! It sounds like you have a knack for finding steals.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

GREAT Price...$2 for anything nowadays is a great bargain! Great find!

I don't keep any of my hoyas wet all the time...I'm afraid of root rot. Moist might be a better advise on Lacunosa. I let mine very "slightly" dry(top inch or two) before I drench it. Others may grow it differently, but this way has worked pretty well for my Lacunosa. Good luck!

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Oh, I also wanted to say that although I do find that the performance of H. lacunosa is better when watered more frequently than other Hoyas, that is not to say that it isn't tolerant of drying out. After I almost killed my lacunosa ssp. lacunosa and restarted it, I had it in a 1.5" pot amidst some starter Gesneriads I all but forgot in a N. window. It was always bone dry between waterings. It is SUPER tough. (There were some bella starts in that flat too and they survived with the same treatment.)

I don't know if the same is true of the lacunosa cultivars. Their leaves seem a bit thinner and I have always spoiled mine.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Am guessing the String Bean Hoya to be in the group of H Sheperdhii, Wayetti or Kentiana, which all look quite similar. I would NOT guess it to be H Linearis as H liniaris is so unusual looking that few people even realize it's a Hoya (unless they're Hoya head nuts like us).

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Good call on shepherdii. I wouldn't have thought of wayetti, but it does look like green beans too lol.

You're right - we Hoya heads have lost perspective.

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I'd bet Wayetti. I am a hardcore Hoya hunter and have never seen Sheperdii at the BB stores. I see Wayetti a lot though it is labeled Kentiana. With a pic we could certainly confirm the id. Sheperdii typically has longer leaves than Wayetti.


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i think its a wayetti. you are correct . i love my local lowes every weak new hoyas that i dont have and they are always on discount

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I've also seen longifolia listed as an EA plant. But shepherdii is the one that is commonly known as the green bean Hoya. It's leaves are the skinniest of all of the long-leaved Hoyas.

I find lacunosa is one that shouldn't be allowed to dry out too much, but if you keep it too wet, it suffers from yellowing leaves and leaf drop. It's one you have to walk a fine line with.

Denise in Omaha

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I've been visiting our local Lowes several days a week keeping my eye on the dischidias and hoyas because the dischidias especially, are not selling.

I notice that they're starting to mark the plants down but I'm sure they would never go as low as $2. Wow! Great Find.


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IMO Lacunosa is tough - with enough heat can handle dry or moist. But does not like to be moved around. Moving my 'nosa around cause leaf drop. They are super happy outside now though. I repot every other year and add new substrate to sides and bottom of the pot. Great price. My local stores trash and write off their plants cause they get more credit than selling them for $2 a piece(especially HD).


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