drastic measures, stupid mealies!!!!!

amber_m(5)May 24, 2012

so i took drastic measures yesterday... ive been fighting to keep mealybugs and scales off my new hoya plants and decided that where they must me hiding while im spraying them is under the leaves that were half burried in the soil, so i chopped off all the lowest leaves on my plants and also removed any leaves from my hoya compacta (hindu rope) that were too difficult to get the spray into. the spray im using is a water, rubbing alcohol and tiny bit of dish soap mix... hopefully now ill be able to rid my poor plants from pests... does anyone think i went too far? do you think my plants might hate me for doing that now?

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many of mine i treated for bugs looked sad for about a year esp my lacunosas some of my hoyas it didnt bother much and i lost a few from the treatments. I would stop where you are and see how they react before you do any more to treat. watch them for a week or so and just swab the bugs that you see with a q tip and some alcohol. you may be over treating them and hurting them worse off than the bugs. separate the infected plants from your healthy plants for sure!!!!

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