Guacamole in a planter

NDgal(4)April 26, 2013

We recently replaced the deck on our house and as a result we need to do some landscaping. I had planned to plant Guacamole in front of the deck and then mulch the area. However, there are rocks under the deck and DH doesn't like the idea of rock and mulch beside each other. He wants to bring the rock out to the walkway. My idea to compromise was to put Guacamole in a large container (whiskey barrel maybe). Is this a bad idea or will it be ok?

yes that is a turtle in the middle of the pic :)

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bkay2000(8a TX)

I'm in a different zone, but Guacamole does great for me in a pot. I would not start it in the whiskey barrel. Start it in a pot that is appropriate for it's size today and move it to larger pots as it grows. Too large a pot sets up conditions for rot.

You're going to need to cover it or tip it over on it's side once the pot freezes in the winter.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

let me clarify what she said... put the whiskey barrel there..but grow the hosta 'pot in pot' ....

besides.. for winter.. it will be easier to move the smaller pot.. than a giant whiskey barrel ...

one might suggest that whiskey barrels are passe' and with that beautiful new deck.. you can do so much better ....

but on the other hand.. more stone is not a great idea either ....

i would tend to think an integrated planting box.. with similar decking material.. would be a great enhancement of the whole ...

sink a couple more 4 x 4's .. and use the decking on the front side.. hiding the ugly 'underporch ... raising the soil level ... no bottom for drainage ... etc ...

i understand it might not be in the current budget.. but who says you cant plan for the future ...

for winter.. you would take the smaller pot out.. let the plant go completely dormant.. and lay them on their sides.. under the deck.. until next april or so.. no sun.. on a black pot in winter.. and most important.. no water on a dormant hosta in a pot ... ask in october or so... and we will lead you down that path ...

i did whiskey barrels for a decade... i just dont know if i would like it in front of that masterful porch ... but if it makes you happy.. GO FOR IT !!!!


ps: in other words.. you have made a box.. a whiskey box.. look outside of it.. before you makes decisions ... the weird roundness of it.. might not work with the square angularity of the deck ....

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Landscaping rock is evil. Sure, it looks good at first. After a few years dirt and debris gather in the rocks. Fine particles, that cannont be swept out, gather and weeds grow. The weeds cannot be pulled because of the rock. A mess results, and rock has to be removed. Expensive removal ensues and you vow never to put rock there again.

Just skip the rock and go with the first plan. Weeds won't grow under the deck - no sun. You can remove any mulch from the rock with a broom if need be. To me the mulch looks better anyway. You can then plant several nice hosta.

Beverly, someone who has removed landscaping rock before an knows.

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Thank you all for your input. I'm not sold on the whiskey barrel and I agree we can do better. I'll keep working on him about the rock.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Bev is right. Put a barrier between that rock and the soil like a steel edge or even some PT decking boards. That will keep the rock under the deck. Then put the Guac in the ground with mulch around it.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

forget about the rock ... its not the issue .. though they are completely correct with what they are saying ....

i spent some time googling: planters in front of an elevated deck

and came up with the link below ...

your problem is that your deck appears to be the flight deck of an aircraft carrier.... just hanging out there in space ....

i had to deal with a similar problem .. back when.. my house is on a small hill.. and when i built my deck [actually two of them.. one cement.. one a deck proper] .. it just hung out there ... i eventually used retaining wall [which is another option for you] ... to anchor the deck to the land .... see pic below ... unfortunately i dont have a 'before pic'

the wall just changed the whole dynamic of the site .... allowing a nice flat planting area ... anchoring the decks .. avoiding the rock issues below ... etc ....

and with your cement sidewalks there.. i would build it to a height that is somewhat convenient to working in the bed ...

once the footprint is there.. how high it is. ... is a function of what you might grow there ... taking into account the height of the plants ... though we are in the hosta forum .. this type of squat plant.. if that is all you plant.. might not be best ... you might want some annual or perennial vine for drama ... morning glory or clematis ... yeah.. i know thats heresy for us hosta nuts .... but not many of us have only one type of plant.. in a planting ....

whether you like the idea or not.. please at least let me know you understand the concept i am struggling to present .... because once you understand.. then any decision is simply yours.. but if i am lacking in eloquence.. i will keep beating my head against the wall trying to make you understand ...

note the lattice.. that plus some hardware cloth is also an option ..... it will encase the rock under the deck ... but after 10 years.. i am not happy with the lattice.. but i only see it.. when i look at pix like this one.. lol ...


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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