New signs of life

Jon 6a SE MAApril 29, 2013

Please scroll down to see the pics. Photo-bucket must have moved the pics and they didn't show up here, although I could see them at their site. I couldn't edit this post, so I made a new one. Also Victory is Liberty and the one I labeled Big Daddy is 'probably' fragrant bouquet. I really should take a paper and pencil with me on future walks with my camera.

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Great post, thanks for the pics!
The picture labeled Big Daddy looks more like the First Frost liner you posted below it or Sagae.

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newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

Really enjoyed seeing your pictures. That Victory does look gorgeous.

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Jon 6a SE MA

Pretty sure it's Big Daddy Vanessa. The vein count is different, but they do look alike, I think they will be quite different in a short time.

Thanks to you and to you, newhosta lady, for the kudos. Enjoyed the walk around.


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Good start to spring Jon!

And much further north, the 60 plus F warmth yesterday coaxed the first pips out of the ground. Lady Isobel Barnet is usually the first up and this year is no exception. She was a single eye in 2005, was split in 2010 and is a very respectable 34 pips this year.

Last frost here is typically about May 20 so a few weeks yet to go - I expect the other hostas all to show in the next week or ten days.


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jan_on zone 5b

Wow thanks for the tour Jon. Weather all this week should be quite warm so things will be happening rapidly here. Must get my camera dusted off!

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Jon 6a SE MA

Doug, I have all together too many spots that look just like your example or are still just dirt. Our latest expected frost here is tomorrow, but since the temps keep getting into the 30s at night, I think all bets are off for the last frost date.

Thanks Jan, look forward to your pics.


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Jon 6a SE MA

After a long, long early Spring.......

New purchase; Blue Hawaii

New; Brother Stefan

Sum and Substance, transplanted last year.

Sagae. I think this is 2 individual plants.


Her royal highness; Empress Wu


Blue Angel. Poking out along the cascades.

Wide Brim, next to the Angel

Fragrant Bouquet ???, making a bold entrance.

First Frost, one of 4 liners from last Fall. All 4 up.

Orange Marmalade...sweet


....and plenty of asparagus for the vegans among us.

Temps in the 50s and 60s with 30s, 40s at night. Many no shows still, but pips showing up all the time. Hope you enjoyed it.


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Good to see plants come up up north,Jon! Yours look like mine did back in early April. Good to finally see pics from someone else! Phil

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stoc zone 6 sweden

Thanks for the pics!

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Jon 6a SE MA

Thanks Phil and stoc. I am sorry it is still not straightened out, but I don't dare try and edit it. The last picture is Sieboldiana, Elegans.


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Babka NorCal 9b

Jon- I have this picture in my head of you crawling around on you hands and knees with a camera in hand. I totally understand your excitement. Sometimes I "caress" the soil trying to feel a hard little eye getting ready to appear. I discovered too that you don't want to ever edit a post with a photo in it unless you are prepared to re-do the whole thing over again.


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Jon 6a SE MA


Luckily not much of my property is level so I don't have to lay down so far...usually, but anything for the better picture. With these 60 degree days, you can almost watch everything grow before your eyes.

I don't know what it is with photo-bucket and me lately. It seems when I exit the web page it refiles the pictures and they disappear to another location, somehow. I think I am going to exit first, go back, and then go through the trouble of getting and copying the links. It still isn't what I wanted, but twice through the pictures and enough is enough.


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Ludi _PA_7a

Looking good Jon !

I love this part of the year when they are just emerging and unfurling. So much action happening in the garden itâÂÂs hard to keep track on a day to day basis.

Keep us posted as they grow on. :)


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Yeah, I figured all those eye level photos had you down on the cold cold ground. Me, if I can pick up the pot, it gets placed where I don't have to crawl around. Getting too old for that.

Jon, just about every batch of photos I take I have to make a quick trip outside to read a label or identify a hosta in the background. Sun glaring off the tags can be really irritating.
I never take a pen and paper with me, but I attempt to include the tag in the shot. And, as soon as I come inside, I try to add tags to the photos before I forget who's who. This year, so many of my hosta are changing their appearance, it is a whole different ballgame.

And then I still have some which are reluctant to break dormancy. Someone (Gesila? Babka?) asked on another thread why I still had hosta dormant. I'll try to account for it in another thread. Not here.

Enjoy your emerging beauties, Jon. Impressive!

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Jon 6a SE MA

Ludi, I can now look out the window and see a forest of stalks ready to unfurl. We still have temps in the 30s, but you can smell the earth again.

Mocc, I have no labels (far less of a collection than you) and I keep overestimating my ability to remember where each picture was taken. I can remember the names when I am at the location, but, one patch of mulch looks pretty much the same when I download the pics.

Thanks to you both for the makes the dirty knees worth it.


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