hoya multiflora and diversiflora care

alavoneluvhoyaMay 31, 2012

Hello! I just received my new plants from rare flora the two listed above came in beautiful shape with tons of peduncles on them! Great seller I would use again! can anyone give me any care tips for these two? i know the shooting star likes to be moist as to the diversiflora likes to be moderately dry......how about light feeding ect.

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I grow my javanica in pretty moisture retentive soil and water it as I would a Gesneriad. It is pretty well established as I have had it many years, so it doesn't fuss if I let it dry out, but it does seem to utilize water faster than other Hoyas as it is always growing and blooming. I fertilize it weakly weekly, as with my other Hoyas. I used to have it right up against the glass in an eastern window and now I have it sitting a foot away from a big west facing balcony door and it acts just the same.

I'm sure you're aware, but what is sold as multiflora isn't usually actually multiflora. There is a thorough discussion of this found here as well as many other places if you Google it. I'm sure if you asked "Who here has a real Hoya multiflora" the number of hands that would go up would be ... few. And then if anyone admitted they had one, they would immediately be swarmed with requests for trades. LOL

Diversifolia does tolerate drying out well, but it doesn't like going ridiculously dry any more than any other Hoya. It grows pretty aggressively so I often find myself underwatering it and witnessing distress. Even though it won't die, you still have to stay on top of this one just because of its consumption of resources, much like javanica above. All winter I had it right up against the glass of that western door and it loved it, but this summer the light has been too intense, I think, because its seemed much less happy. I moved it to an eastern window and hopefully that will sort it out. It could just be I wasn't able to keep it watered well enough, but I have a bunch of Eriostemmas and an archboldiana in the same spot and they never seem bothered, so there you have it.

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ok so dumb question maybe? How do I know which multiflora I have? lol?

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I am going to take a quick pic and post so you can see mine.

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Here is a set of photos taken by David Liddle and commonly passed around to distinguish between multiflora and javanica.

Photos hosted on the blog The Third Floor of the Jungle

As you can see, the differences are easily observable if you are looking at the flowers.

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Please do also read the blog entry I've linked to. The author mentions the fact that the identification of these intermixed species is still under debate and the necessary research and documentation is unfinished. So perhaps all most of us can say is that we do not have multiflora, until more information is forthcoming.

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