If you are missing seeing blooms

organic_kitten(8)October 7, 2012

I had such a good time this morning going through all of

Floota's May, June and July blogs. I always look at them as she posts, but this was fabulous! It will be expensive too, but that's life.

today is perfect, absolutely perfect weeding and clean-up weather, and I have been up to that for a couple of hours, but will finish the rest tonight.

Beautiful photos, and all together, good ideas.


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Julia NY(6)

I bookmark many blogs when folks on the AHS Robin post their entries and find that during rainy or days it will be too cold to work outside, I'll sit and catch up on the blogs(keeps me off the auctions and sellers websites ;-)).
Our own Cindy, who posts here on the forum, also has a blog.

I also read Charlotte's Garden Of The Week which is always delightful to read.

We awoke to our first "light" frost here this morning.


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Thanks very much, Organic Kitten. I just saw this!

Added another blog post just yesterday about fall garden cleanup.

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I thought blooming had ended, but was in for a surprise. CHAMA VALLEY is blooming (rather pale, though), with four scapes up. VOILA FRANCOIS has decided to bloom one more time. It had already rebloomed, too. What a weird year! Here it is, the middle of October, and I'm still having daylilies to look at. This has never happened in seven years of raising daylilies.


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Nancy, Lava Flow and Bill Watson are blooming here. It looks as if the scape that Patricia Snider Memorial put up so late is going to bloom too. First bloom, April 17th...last bloom...who knows?

Floota, Your photos are so gorgeous, that it is a delight to revisit them. Also a bit expensive since there are several I will have to add to my garden. Mean Green is going to have to come here. We'll see how it likes this weather. Some more northern one flourish here, but, of course, some don't. And if Rumble in the Jungle doesn't straighten up and behave, we can make a deal to find it a more southern home.

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