Purple daylilies

flootaOctober 24, 2012

Today I updated my blog with a post about my favorite color, purple daylilies! Only got through the A's! How bad is that?

Hundreds of purples grow here.

Link is below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shades of Purple

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Since I also love purple, I looked right away. Beautiful as always, Floota.

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Well, thanks for the pictures and your comments on those purples ...I think. ;) And here I'd decided that it was time to stop buying purples and move on to some other color. You can probably see the skid marks in the road where I turned around and raced right back to Purple Land!

Yes, definitely do add to your blog. I, for one, want to see the rest of your purple alphabet of favorites.

And, since you so easily enabled me, perhaps I can return the favor. Some purples here that I really like:

OCTOPUS'S GARDEN (Apps 2010) magenta purple with white ray

GREYWOODS FASHIONISTA (Wilkinson 2011) lavender bitone

GREYWOODS CHASIN' THE BLUES (Wilkinson 2011) lavender peach with slate blue eye trimmed in mauve. Despite the peach part, the overall effect is very lavender-purple-mauve to me.

GREYWOODS GIDDY UP GIRL (Wilkinson 2011) AHS database = "Peach with a hot lilac mauve eye and lilac mauve ruffled border, fades to a creamy lavender by evening" Yes, I know, peach...again. Trust me, this one is simply stunning.

BELA BLUE (Boatwright 2007) deep purple w/ blue eye

SUBTLE KNIFE (Lambertson 2007) med. purple, grey washed halo. This one rebloomed for me last year, and both its first and rebloom scapes had very high bud counts (1st scapes = 35 I think (?); rebloom = 29-30). Not so good this year, but the bed is overcrowded.

BEYOND THE SKY (Morss 2008) clear lavender w/ halo. An evergreen that's hardy and vigorous for me. One of my very favorites ever.

BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE (Morss 2008) greyed orchid lavender hence not a true purple to some people perhaps. Another hardy and very vigorous evergreen for me.

FOUNTAIN OF LIFE (Emmerich 2008) dark pink lavender, grey lavender eye

KINGDOM WITHOUT END (Emmerich 2008) rose cranberry violet grape blend, lavender watermark

DESIRE OF NATIONS (Emmerich 2008) grape cranberry blend w/ frosted blue lavender eye. Absolutely stunning. Slow for me? Or too crowded? Won't know 'til next year.

CORONATION DAY (Emmerich 2007) dark purple; lighter purple watermark; edge is white. In my garden, blooms are a bit crowded, but the color is superb.

SWALLOW TAIL KITE (Hanson 1998) orchid blend, lavender watermark

ELMORE JAMES (Hanson 1999) violet purple

LAURIE THORP (Piotrowski 2008) lavender violet blend; small watermark. Superb branching/bud count.

PLATO'S PUZZLE (Moldovan 2005) light cyclamen purple blend; violet purple patterned eye

TRIFECTA (Rice 2007) rich purple self.

Speaking of Rice plants, my ARNETTE ZAPEL looks quite like the Rice's greenhouse and registration pictures; it's not pale for me at all.

SINNERS ANONYMOUS (Apps 2006) black violet self; very dark.

HAKUNA MATATA (Schaben 2007) pink lavender w/ darker blue eye. I have this one thanks to a recommendation of yours a couple of years ago!

STRUTTERS BALL (Moldovan 1984) black purple. I had to move it into afternoon shade; in full sun & high heat, it ran like crazy, sometimes by as early as 9:30 a.m. In part-shade, it's beautiful.

BELA LUGOSI (Hanson 1995) deep purple

EARTH MUSIC (Hanson 1992) violet purple blend

VERTICAL HORIZON (Moldovan 2005) pale phlox purple deeper purple patterned eye.

SECOND HORIZON (S. Holmes 2008) cream self; violet eye. Here, the cream is nearly white, and I've listed this one because the eye is such a rich, deep violet. Was slow to get started for me.

BAUGHSTON HORNSWAGGLER (S. Holmes 2008) purple; faint red eye. Slow to get started. Tall, huge blooms (9.5"), cool form.

WAITING ON A CALL (Yost 2003) cream w/ eye and thin edge of lavender. The form's not the most modern; it's quite plain in fact, plus sometimes, the lavender is rather muddy. But I've listed it because more often than not (for me, at least), the lavender eye and edge are a true, clear lavender. Also, very vigorous, so there are lots of blooms.

So many more I could list....

It should be interesting to see which of these, if any, are on your current list of favorites.

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I'm a purple nut, too. I have two new ones that impressed me quite a lot for their first year of bloom:

GUS TOWNSEND with its pearly white teeth, and...

VATICAN CITY - truly a rich royal purple without a hint of red.

One of the most fascinating ones to bloom this year has been UPGRADE.

BELA LUGOSI has never been purple here - always a dark maroon.


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Lynxe and Nancy, glad to see a few more purple nuts in the group! Yes, I love 'Desire of Nations'( and others on your list too!) but haven't gotten past the "C's" yet! How bad it that. Another blog was just added.
Link is below:

Here is a link that might be useful: More shades of purple

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I love purples too!
As always enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading your descriptions.
Black purples are stunning! And the last picture in the second post, 'Cosmic Struggle' - OMG, Gorgeous blooms and explosion of buds!

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It was a good year for purple in my garden.

Guns of Navarrone

Imperial Decree

Major General

Purple Kaboom

Thieving Magpie

Thieving Magpie X Belle of Ashwood seedling

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Beautiful. I would love another post on even more purples. I also have been in search for a purple and find that many will not be truly purple in the north east. However I did add a couple Greywood purples and hopefully they will stay true to their promoted color as Greywood Farm is right around the corner from where I live.

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Thanks. Since I've only gotten through the C photos so far, there will likely be another post on purples.Too many daylilies, too little time!

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How could I have forgotten GUNS OF NAVARRONE? It's been spectacular - always beautiful. A few others that come to mind (some bloomed for the first time this summer):

AUGUSTAN AGE (Moldovan-Woodhall) lavender rose blend - possibly too much rose to be included?; D'ARTAGNAN (Moldovan 2006); GRAPESICLE (Waldrop); JAUNTING JUNEBUGBAIT (K. Roberts), PAMELA duCROZAT TREVATHAN (Forrester), RAMA LAMA DING DONG (Williams-Bachman) flesh lavender self and I probably shouldn't be including it as it blooms very, very pale lavender for me. But so pretty!; VAMPIRE BAT (Gossard).

Nancy, I agree with you: BELA LUGOSI is more often red than "purple," but I was following the registration info. I have some that look sort of purple that were registered as "black"; clearly, they aren't actually black. I'd probably call them purple or red. But I should tell you that, sometimes, when the stars have aligned perfectly, BELA LUGOSI has in fact bloomed in the most perfect purple I've ever seen in a daylily. It doesn't happen very often however.

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Part 3 was added yesterday - making some progress, but still so many purple daylilies, and so little time. Link is below for those who like purple!

Here is a link that might be useful: Shades of Purple, part 3...

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All beautiful, Floota, and few that will have to find their way to my garden eventually. Apparently you have power, and that is great. Some of the forum regulars haven't checked in yet.

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CRAZY!! Part 4 on purples was added yesterday, believe it or not. This seems never ending. Had no idea until I got started how many purple daylilies grow here - and not even all are included. The latest post goes through the "M"s. Enjoy!
Maybe some of you are REALLY bored with the bad weather and can't get outside, so stay inside where it's warm and look at daylily pictures !

Here is a link that might be useful: Even more purples!

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You could never post too many purples for me. I love them. And I actually have several of them. Mason's Mabou does really well for me even though it is a dormant and bred for the north. Beautiful blooms, good increase and reliable rebloom here.

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Have been enjoying your blog very much. The purples are wonderful. We have been busy checking the varieties we especially like and then scanning the Canadian growers to see if we can get them here. Appreciate your work.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Love Purple, enjoyed all the pics. Indian Giver and Night Beacon are truly purple for me. Planet Max is red but I love it anyway.

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Both Strutter's Ball and Bela Lugosi have been around forever, but for hardy daylilies their purple beauty is still hard to beat.

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Nice!!! Linda Beck is gorgeous and many others Ice and Pueblo Dancer are favorites from your last two posts :)

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