my first order of the year from SRQHoyas! Pics!

lightning96(4)May 6, 2011

The long Minnesota winter is finally over! These arrived yesterday. The first 5 are rooted hoyas, the last photo is my first try at ordering cuttings.

Hoya davidcummingi IML 0892

Hoya sp Ban Ngon Ngoy IML1514

Hoya diversifolia ssp el-nidicus

Hoya merrilli IML 0465

Hoya naumanii IML 0198

Cuttings of H. meliflua IML0735, H. acuta IML0079 and H. dasyantha

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Nice haul!

That's a nice size for the davidcummingii - you probably wouldn't want a smaller plant since this one can unpredictably go downhill.

I got my merrilli from Joni, too, and at first I wasn't too fond of it (not sure why), but it's really grown on me in the meantime. It's really fun to watch new leaves develop on this one - they're a good example of a leaf that starts out looking quite strange and then eventually grows into its mature form. Plus, it is SO EASY. One of those that just never creates a fuss. Got to love that. sp Ban Ngon Ngoy IML1514 is also just so. ^_^

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GG thanks for linking to that previous thread. I have also read before that davidcummingi is more fussy, I thought I'd give it a try since I've also heard that it likes it cooler. The previous thread mentioned growing it in hydroton... does it like drier conditions? How do others grow this one? If hydroton is the consensus I might try that.

Of all the hoyas that came yesterday, I think I like the look of sp. Ban Ngon Ngoy the best --- that was a surprise for me b/c I really got it because I thought the flowers are gorgeous.

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My favorite is the merrilli IML 0465 simply because I lean towards the shiny leaves.

You will enjoy the dasyantha. I have one that I have really neglected and it just keeps on going. I believe it is a very hardy hoya.

Nice group.

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/Beth I think davidcummingii just really needs consistency. It is not tolerant of going too dry or staying too wet. I haven't had mine as long as others have, so you might receive more thorough advice elsewhere. What I know is that mine isn't routinely high maintenance, just violently upsettable during seasonal changes (read: fall). So, maybe that just further confirms that it doesn't like inconsistency. Perhaps it comes from a very stable region? When David recommends growing davidcummingii in hydroton, he is referring to a semi-hydro setup (with water reservoir), which allows moisture to be consistently wicked up to the roots without the risk of overwatering.

/Susan That's true, merrilli has jawdroppingly SHINY leaves. I wish it was easier to capture in a photograph because they look like they are covered in high gloss lacquer irl.

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Don't you just love being able to order rooted plants? Much less stress. They all look so nice! The color is really popping on my pc.

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You picked some nice hoya's and joni's plants are so great.Enjoy your new plants.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Congrats on your very NICE selection of Hoyas...they all look great! Best of luck growing them and hope they grow well for you and bloom! Thanks for posting! Enjoy them...

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Congrats Beth! I hope the cuttings root for you and your plants grow well!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Congratulations on your new Hoyas. The first order of the year is always fun after a long cold winter.


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Thanks everyone! Although now I am a bit anxious about how davidcummingii will fare... apparently I violated my own rule of starting with only "easy" hoyas. I will watch that one like a hawk for any sign of its displeasure! Any more feedback from the experts on here about that hoya?

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