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denise_gw(5)May 8, 2011

After another post here (I can't find it now - the poster mentioned they'd seen a variegated compacta at one of the box stores), I stopped by Lowe's yesterday and indeed found a variegated compacta in GREAT shape! Must have just arrived. I've been so good this year - I've only traded and haven't bought a single plant. (This living within our meager means bites!) But I splurged and spent the $10 to get this one I've been wanting for some time. And it was the one I really wanted - H. compacta 'Regalis', with the variegation on the edges. Score!

I'm just glad they didn't have anything else I've been looking for or it would have been painful to choose one or the other!

Denise in Omaha

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Congrats certainly deserve it! Sounds like you Scored big time and what a great price too. Enjoy your new hoya!


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Congratulations on finding what you wanted!!! Finding hoyas at local stores always feels like such a bonus for me. Recently I found DS-70 (I know, a common one, but nevertheless one I didn't have yet...) and I was thrilled to buy it! I just wish we had Lowe's here. The nearest one is hours away. Anyway, congrats Denise!

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Way to go! I'm glad you splurged - too much self-deprivation is not good for the soul. Enjoy!


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Lol - I got lucky and found both the EA variegated varieties lately in the small hanging baskets. I do live in urban sprawl area though which includes several Lowes and HDs within miles.

The 'Regalis' I located in the small basket had a whole white vine of crinkled growth. :( I wish I wouldn't lose it but it is inevitable.

I also wonder if the other version that I found is known as 'Mauna Lao' even if it is bought through EA. I've always just refered to it in the past as Variegated Carnosa Compacta.

It looks similar to this one.
RIP Twinkee


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Congratulations, Denise! I am so happy for you. You definitely deserve it (and it deserves you!)

/David Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe your plant (photographed above) IS properly identified as Hoya compacta 'Mauna Loa.' This is its official cultivar name, regardless of vendor. It is also associated with the trademark name of 'Lura Lei,' which I've never heard anyone use, unlike the queen and princess names that are so popular. Not that there's anything wrong with referring to it as variegated compacta, except that you have two different variegated compactas. ^_~

I was a bit confused about why such plants need both cultivar names and trademarked names, so I did some reading and got more confused. (jk - the link below helps)

Here is a link that might be useful: Cultivar Names & Trademarked Names (as discussed by the rose people)

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Congrats Denise and David! I haven't seen any of the variegated compactas for sale yet around here. Who knows what might turn up? :)

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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When I went back to look at the compacta at my store, I just wasn't that impressed. Plus, I don't currently have pest trouble and I don't want to start. Maybe someday I'll want that one but right now there are others I'd rather have. The lipstick plants were very tempting...

But this particular trip I settled on a small out of bloom orchid on clearance. The ID in the pot leads me to believe it will have tiny white Phalaenopsis type flowers.

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