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taurustendency(5 mid missouri)October 3, 2013

in the past month or so, i have received two separate orders from maryott. this was the first and second time of ordering any live plant through the mail.

when they arrived they looked healthy and green. i soaked them for a bit and planted right away. with in a week, both shipments of foliage have dried up and are dying off. it doesnt seem to matter if they are dormants or evergreens, they are all doing the same.

is this normal? shock of being uprooted for so long? and transplanted from great weather california to the miseries of missouri? i realize that everything gets a little transplant shock, but im starting to worry about my newbies.

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Whenever you plant, be sure to keep the area moist until it begins to grow. The foliage almost always yellows and dies on shipped plants, but usually they put up some green, or even some of the existing leaves turn back green Regardless, rarely will they not show up in spring. I have never lost a Maryott plant, and I've ordered a lot from him. Good luck.


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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

How long have they been planted? A plant from Maryott's will usually look green/yellow when you receive it, but all of that foliage will die off and be replaced by new foliage from the middle of the plant. Unless you have given them no water at all, they should have started putting up some good foliage within a week.


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taurustendency(5 mid missouri)

its been about two weeks for the first shipment. and about one for the second. neither have started any new growth. some still have some remnants of greenery in the middle of the fans, but is fading little by little. ive kept them watered well. im glad to hear that the fading away is normal. ive never had plants sent to me by mail before. i didnt know what to expect. thanks!

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

I have an order from Maryott's planted 3 weeks ago of North Wind Dancer that is behaving exactly as you describe. Every speck of existing foliage has died and the plants are sending up *very* weak new growth in spite of water, transplant solution and warm temperatures. I planted them on day of arrival. This is in stark contrast to every other daylily obtained from other suppliers this fall (Heavenly Gardens, Woodhenge, Crintonic, Valley of the Daylilies, Singing Oaks, etc) which started growing like gangbusters as soon as they were planted.

I wonder if they are in shock after being uprooted from their California growing conditions. In addition, I noticed the Maryott's plants were trimmed shorter than any other supplier. If they don't pull out of their funk, I will not order from this supplier again!

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taurustendency(5 mid missouri)

they are trimmed fairly short. but i dont really know what normal is. id say they are around 4-6 inches. the roots looked really healthy, color and firmness wise. i noticed that most all of them had straight shovel or knife cuts though. normally im not too concerned about that, but it was however the entire root system that was hacked...not just a few tuber/finger things here and there.

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You need to soak mail order plant "roots" for at least 30 minutes before planting them, then keep the soil around them moist but not soaking wet at least until they green up.

I actually soaked my Maryott (7 plants) and Westbourn (3 plants) plants for at least three days, changing the water daily, before planting them. (not planned, just couldn't get to them til then). All of them, about a week after planting, are beginning to "green up", and a couple are putting up new center leaves. Whatever you do, don't fertilize them, or they may rot.

If you aren't used to dealing with mail order plants, then, they will look terrible compared to potted plants. They've been through the stress of uprooting trimming, heat and far less than ideal shipping conditions, and then whatever we do to them. They usually do fine, and Bill Maryott is an excellent grower. Give them some time.

One year I did not pre-soak plants from Maryott before planting, and I thought three of them had died. However, the next spring, all of them came up and did fine. My only problem with Maryott plants is they often want to bloom in the fall the year they are planted and I think it impacts a plants vigor the next year when that happens.

There is one lily auction grower whose plants have died for me, but I learned to pot up his plants and let them grow roots in the pot before planting them. Also, in hot weather, I pre-pot plants.


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Yes, do pre-soak as others have suggested. Don't plant too deeply. I pre-soak for up to 24 hours, and often will add Miracle gro to the water.

But once you get them planted, do NOT overwater. It is better to water deeply twice a week than to water every day. Over-watering can kill more new plants because it cause them to rot.

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taurustendency(5 mid missouri)

thanks for the input guys. but i have done all of that. i soaked the first batch overnight in a tray of rocks (so the roots were not fully submerged overnight, yet plenty of the tips were touching water. made sure the roots were getting both water and air). and the second batch i soaked normally for about 5 hours before planting. i cant tell a difference between the two methods. and i only water them about 2-3 times a week, depending on how blazing the sun has been. i figure i just need to wait it out. im sure they will be fine, considering how many of you have said that come spring, you are never let down. that makes me feel loads better.

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Dig them up and check for crown rot. I've had this happen, foliage getting smaller and dying. It's been crown rot every time. If you do have it, cut all the rot off and just let the daylilies dry out jof the ground for a day then replant. Daylilies planted in hot, humid weather are more susceptible to crown rot.

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taurustendency(5 mid missouri)

despite the blast of cold weather right now, i am finally seeing signs of new growth. yay!

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The roots as need to be completely submerged. Don't worry about about putting them on rocks when you soak them. I'm glad they are putting out for you. I've never lost a Maryott plant. Good luck.

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