My deer solution works!

CindyCRNA(6a)April 7, 2012

Well, it works for me. We often have deer feeding in the yard as we live on the edge of a forest. I have been using Bobbex-R for 3 years using the higher concentration of 1 cup repellent to 4 cups water. This is the is the formula they suggest for fall and winter spraying to prevent drying (anti-transpirent) I use the higher concentration rather than the 1-8 they suggest for repellant. Also, in the spring, I spray about every 3 days as there are so many new leaves coming out, I get paranoid when a leaf is "unprotected" by the malodorous scent of Bobbex. My neighbor said she has had less hosta damage since I have been spraying also. There is a downside to all of this. It is expensive as I will probably use $150-$200 of Bobbex. You have to be vigilant. I spray at least once every 5 days throughout the summer and every 3 days in the spring. I have some Plantskyyd in the garage I am going to bust out this year but am just going to spray the ground as I hear the stuff can leave your plants a little red. But is is supposed to last much longer than Bobbex. It also works different as it is the smell of slaughterhouse and the Bobbex smells like garlic and rotten egg. Anyone use the Plantskyyd before?

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jan_on zone 5b

wow Cindy -- you deserve every ounce of pleasure you get from your garden, you work SO HARD to nurture it! I fear I would just wring my hands in despair and grow only barberry shrubs!

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I know, Jan. I think about this spray schedule but boy, I do love hostas! I have also an extreme fondness for Coral Bells (Heuchera)and have maybe 25-30 of them. Very little bothers them although I do think a rabbit did nibble a couple last year so they get an occasional spray just for safe keeping. Oh, did I mention I also spray my daylilies the same way because I have had deer clear an entire summers bloom in 1 evening.

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