klyde(8)May 6, 2011

I wasn't going to buy any hoyas this year. Lot of reasons really: finances (my car died this am arrrghh), space, lack of knowledge, being Canadian (seriously not a plus if you're a hoyanista!) etc. I have however been thinking about pimenteliana/cagayanensis for several years now- whatever the plant is that has the sparkly leaves?

Does anyone have it? What is it like to grow? Tell me about those sparkly leaves. What is the best place for a Canadian to order it if I like what I hear? Maybe I can put this to rest after I hear some testimonials. I'm not a glutton for punishment if it's a tempermental little beast...

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I grow this one and it was temperamental until I learned that it just does not like to be dry. I grow my plant in mostly bark but there is enough soil in there to hold moisture as well. This is a good grower once you figure it out although I have not seen blooms from my plant yet.

I will root a cutting for you.


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I second all sentiments above. I keep mine in a humidity dome with megalantha and engleriana and it rocks out. It's in coir chips now and seems to like that.

Haven't noticed any sparkles though. What's that all about? I see that that's how hoyor describes it, but I'll definitely have to take a closer look when I get home. >_> The leaves are distinctive, but shimmery?!


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Shimmery is the word from what I've seen in pictures. Thanks, my words are escaping me today. (Mind you I wasn't at a loss for words this am when the car died, but I digress...)

Ahhh jeez Mike. I am going to graciously accept that offer. My day is looking up...

Thanks for the advice you two. :)

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Hi Kelly, I grow cagayanensis and have found it super easy to for me.I grow it in coir which it seems to like.It has grown a lot since I got it last summer.It dose have a nice shimmer to the leaves.


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Aahhh good to know Cindy. It's all about the shimmer. :)

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