received daylily order

ruthzOctober 4, 2012

I just received this daylily order.

This is only my 3rd time to order daylilies, but this is the worst looking ones I've received so far.

Maybe my expectations were too high.

Is this how your daylily orders normally look?

This was just a small order, so maybe the bigger orders get the better looking daylilies.

Just curious for future ordering.

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I'll try this picture again. I seem to have trouble getting the pictures to stay the correct resize on photobucket.
4 different daylilies

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In defense of sellers, this summer's severe drought hit many parts of the country. Some of the plants I had sold for fall shipment had gone "summer dormant" and were just coming back right around the time I had to dig them for shipment. Others had big fans, so I worried about how most plants were big but a few looked very small by comparison. Your picture is very small, so it is hard to tell, but always look at the ROOTS first. If it has a good root system, that is what is most important. The roots on your plants look fine, although the foliage is a bit yellowed. That happens and most of the time, the USPS can share in the blame for that!

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Trying picture again without resizing.

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Julia NY(6)

I don't know what you bought but those roots look great. Why are you concerned?


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Well my first order was April 2011. They were large green fans that really took off and some bloomed in May.(no picture of those)
This is a picture of my October 2011 order.
Those are my only comparisons.
I'm just asking what's normal.

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Keep in mind also that foliage is at its WORST in the fall in most parts of the country. I am in the process right now of cutting my garden back and cleaning it up for fall. Old foliage often looks ratty but new growth will be clean. So your fall orders are always going to look different from spring orders. ( unless you buy from some of those places that feed the plants so much fertilizer and water that they always look like they're on steroids.) Of coures, those plants often do a "shrinking act" when faced with the reality of real garden conditions.

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These look good to me, I have received much worse and that is in the spring, but everything perked up and did just fine. Yours will probably be fine, too. Avedon

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

I think they look great. I received 3 orders today 1 was from Maryott's and the plants truly looked like they were dug 5 minutes ago. But the others didn't look that way at all but have healthy root systems. All will thrive I'm sure. I am new at this but you should of seen some of the tiny, tiny little yellow plants that I've received that are now huge and healthy plants.

Naturally I like receiving large plants but even if they're not I'm still very happy. I would be very pleased with your order. I'm a newbie but I've probably received 12 (or more, didn't keep track) orders of daylilies this year and yours look super.

I'm sure you will have beautiful blooms next year.


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They look typical for a daylily that has been dug up and sent through the mail. The fans are a good size, nice double fans. All of the green usually dies after planting anyway, to be replaced by strong greenery. Those root systems look nice and healthy...shouldn't be a problem. Soak them overnight, they'll be fine. And welcome to the obsession,

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

IMHO, those look fine and will no doubt do just great. I have ordered from many different sellers and I have gotten some like that and they took off without any trouble. The outer leaves always turn yellow eventually anyway and will send up new green shoots from the center. The roots look great. I don't know where you got them but in colder zones like mine it is normal for daylily foliage to look yellow and ratty this time of year as the cold sets in. And keep in mind most of the country was in a drought this past summer. Not to worry because daylilies are very tough and forgiving plants! I had one order that the post office messed up big-time and sent to New Mexico....(I live in New Hampshire...duh!) I couldn't understand what was taking my package so long to get here because the vendor told me it had been mailed. Two weeks later it finally arrived, damaged and with a New Mexico postmark. The box was smashed and the plants were completely yellow and dried up. I doubted they were still alive but I soaked them for a couple days and a year later you cannot tell them apart from the others who got a better start.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

They look great to me. nice big roots on them and i am sure they will take off and be beautiful plants next spring.


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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

Here's the Maryott order I received yesterday. They look pretty similar to yours -- good in my opinion. Two of them came with scapes!


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