moonwolf_gwMay 17, 2011

Hi everyone,

My EA nummularoides has not stopped blooming since I bought it back in December at Lowe's! It was in full bloom then and right now I still have about 3-5 umbels open. Is it just my nose or is the smell a little off? When I bought it, the fragrance was wonderful! Maybe it's sweeter smelling with more buds? I know with some hoyas, like carnosa and lacunosa, it can be overpowering but I can smell it all the time. It's outside right now with the rest of my plants so it can waft. It's pretty though!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Post a pic, post a pic, post a pic. Please :)

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Yes, please post a pic. TIA


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I think temperature probably has something to do with the difference in the fragrance. I have noticed that to be a factor with my plants. And, of course if some is good more is better ;)

Cooler temps = better fragrance


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