Garden Surprises

organic_kitten(8)October 15, 2013

Because i have been under the weather for a few weeks, the garden has suffered. I have found a few surprises in the overgrown side yard. One of the paths has sprouted a healthy volunteer tomato plant that has a couple of tomatoes on it! Hmmm. I'll leave it alone.

Speaking of tomatoes, how did the Mortgage Lifter do for you, Nancy? I seem to remember you had one or some of them. That one on the front spread across 8 feet and then down the corner. It is still churning out tomatoes that are delicious and very large...not beautiful but great tomatoes. There is at least a good dozen on it in various stages of ripeness, and I picked several this morning. The volunteer zinnias, which are looking awful (foliage) but still blooming generously are being visited by many migrating butterflies.

One of the iris has been blooming fr a couple of weeks. Another tomato volunteer sprouted in a pot with a baby Japanese Maple tree. No idea where that seed came from.

A few minutes ago, I noticed a plant that looks awfully suspicious. It is very green and healthy, and I hope it is a Cleome seed from three years ago that has been waiting for a chance to grow without being weeded. It looks a lot like marijuana. I'll get DH to look at it when he gets up from his nap, and if we aren't sure it's a Cleome, it is history. Where do these things come from? Of course, he thought the Cleome were marijuana when I grew them, so he may be no help. It doesn't really have time to bloom anyway.

So what's going on in your garden?


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Nancy zone 6

Not too much happening in my garden. Tomatoes didn't do well here, I would have thought this would have been a bumper year for them. They were small & few, although they really tasted great. I have had some volunteer tomato plants, I guess they were in the compost. Mostly were cherry tomatoes, which my husband doesn't like. I do though. The one regular tomato yielded some of the larger tomatoes, although still just a few. Several more seedlings just now popping up, but I pulled them. Bell peppers are really going strong now, & have been nice all summer. Nice thick walls & flavorful, without having to water. I think we got a good rain every week this summer. Been picking a few everbearing strawberries & raspberries.
August Wedding & Orange Velvet daylilies are still blooming, & I noticed a bloom stalk last week on another daylily, the name isn't coming to mind right now though. We aren't expecting frost for a while, so I decided to leave it alone, maybe it will have time to bloom. Several reblooming iris are going strong right now, but some of my dependable rebloomers aren't blooming. They didn't rebloom too much last fall either, maybe I need to divide them next year.

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Julia NY(6)

Well I was starting to actually get some things done over the weekend because our son and daughter -in -law came to visit. I started weeding and cutting some foliage back. Odd thing is that a couple of dls actually died all the way back. I haven't lost them since when I gently pulled back some mulch, I could see new growth.
Rudbeckia's (sp?) have sprouted all over the garden areas (along with a ton of weeds) and continue to bloom. Anemone Prince Henry and Robustissima are still blooming along with the Gaillardia. We took down the old fence in our backyard in preparation for a new one to go up but not this year.
The veggie garden is still producing brussel sprouts and peppers. Everything else was taken out including the red onions. Some herbs are still going. We had a bumper crop of San Marzanos and Beefsteak tomatoes.
I'm taking my time and if it doesn't all get done this fall, it will be waiting for me next spring. No new plants will be coming and I'm not sure about next spring. I so miss seeing the dl blooms each day. :-(.
Seed crosses are plentiful and I'm so pleased with the amount of seeds I got.

Raining on and off here for the next couple of days so not much work outside for the rest of the week and looks like our temps will drop down again.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

only surprise here is how fast these weeds are tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers are all finished and pulled up.. I have never seen weeds grow so fast around here, weeds everywhere I look, but each time I go out I pull a couple hands full up.hoping to get them all out soon.but today was rough for this old body. hurt so bad,couldnt hardly get up out of the chair and my daughter was fussing to stay out of that yard.Told her I wasn't in it today and she says well you was yesterday, stay out of the yard,


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mizellie(z7 Al)

not many surprises here either. One of the daylilies bloomed a couple of days ago and I have a volunteer tomato plant growing but not tomatoes. I;m so sorry everyone is feeling so bad including myself.. Have a great fall....Elliel

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Well, The tomato plant in front is still producing. And I will get a couple of large ones today. I've had a bumper crop of Jalapenos and made pepper jelly, pepper sauce ad some very hot pepper chutney for a few pepper lovers in my family as well as the Jalapeno slices for nachos and Mexican dishes and a good bit of salsa. I think I will make one more batch of pepper jelly, and ship some peppers and other goodies to my brother in Louisiana.

Other than that? Not a lot. I did give DD most of the daylilies I had dug out. Still have more to dig and several pots that need planting. another of the plans from Maryotts has put up a bloom spike. It is in a pot so I may move it to the green house so it can bloom since they are threatening the first freeze next week...about a month early for us if it does freeze.

Lots of work to do, some of it will get done, some won't. There's always the spring, right?


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

A first freeze next week? gosh pretty early for a freeze, have not seen anything on our weather channel yet about no freezes on the way,altho I did see on the 7 day forecast one night next week, suppose to drop to 39 here.I will believe it if it happens,which I have my doubts, but never know what our weird weather is going to do and the weather channel changes the forecast almost daily from what they have already said, so I have got to where I only helf believe any of it,until we actually get it.
well, kay sounds like you have never rested a minute. always busy at some thing.but,its the way I have always been too,until this arthuritis has gotten the best of me,and now, its a struggle to do anything.


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