guess I got bit by the Hoya Bug

kaleanna(z8 TX)May 1, 2013

Hi All,

I started out with two hoyas and today I went to one of the actual plant nurseries that we have here in town and found 3 more hoyas and a pothos n' Joy.

I know one of the ones that I got today is Hoya Kerri . I chose it cause of the heart shaped leaves. THe other two I have no idea but I liked the way they looked so I got them.

so guess this means that the Hoya bug bit me? ROFL

I just hope that I can do all of them justice and that they will grow and grow.

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Oh it seems you have been bitten!!!! It's a very contagious disorder. Apparently it spreads THRU the computer! Lol

No really I saw you were from Texas. Did you go to "Another Place In Time"? I went there a few weeks ago. And if it wasn't for my husband telling me I could only carry 3 plants on the plane, I would have bought them all!!!!
They were very hard to leave behind!

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It's contagious, that's for sure.

Hoyas will live for many years. I have a Krimson Queen that I've had for close to 14 years now. That's my most cherised one and I have several hoya species.

H. Kerri was my very first hoya I've ever had. It's a slow grower and likes it on the dry side. But when yours decides to bloom (you need to be patient with hoyas when it comes to blooming) the blooms are beautiful but they will drip a sticky nectar, so cover your furniture.

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Congratulations on your new bug! Hope to hear more about your plants as they grow. :)

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sheilahanne(5 -6)

I too have been bitten by the hoya bug.I have had my plant for 23 years. I took it from my family home after it was sold. It has just recently bloomed and I fell in love!

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There are worse bugs to get bitten by than the Hoya bug, but it can get pretty serious! It can (and most likely will) take over all your window space, and no more sunlight will ever enter your house. But that's ok as long as there is room for just one more hoya!! LOL

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I had definately been chewed on, lol. I picked up 13 new Hoyas in the last few weeks! The H. curtisii photo'd is one of them

Here is a link that might be useful: Dorys Botanical Wanderings

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Well, I just got bitten too.

I'm waiting for my order of:

sp. Cagayanensis
sp. Limoniaca
sp. Neoebudica
sp. Ciliata

I want more Shepherdii tho. I'm falling in love with Shepherdii that I want to get lots of cuttings and have them cascade down a hanging pot. I will pay for any cuttings any of you want to sell to me. Email me.

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sheilahanne(5 -6)

I just got another Hoya. Number four. I found it at a big box store. It wasnt labled but I knew right away what it was. so happy. A Krimson Queen.

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

I am bitten, it was this website that got me onto hoyas. I have 2 so far and plan on getting more, sadly pushing spider plant babies out of my collection

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Congratulations on #4, Shelia!

This forum is definitely what put me on the path to utter Hoya insanity. For all those who are cutting back and becoming more discriminating, there are always a few newcomers to the scene who are busy as bees building up their inventory, and reinfecting others. >:)

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