Finally have a flower to share

golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)May 5, 2012

My H. tomataensis opened last night and it sure smells great! Got 6 more buds ready to open...

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Oh yay! H. tomatensis pictures! I think this one is such a cutie!! Your plant looks fantastic - congratulations. :)

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That is one happy blooming Hoya, beautiful.
I sure hope my plant blooms again, it's been so long.
Do you think you can describe the scent?


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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

Thank you,
Well this one seems to like the spot I have it in... in a very sunny corner window facing facing south has 7 more flowers just about to open and I can see all kinds of tiny ones starting to grow...
Now the fragrance - lol.. to describe it is kind of hard... and considering I can't keep my nose out of it.. I would say it is a very beautiful perfumy fragrance... very nice anyways! you can barely smell it at all during the day - but in the evening.. its another story... not over powering at least... mindu with only the one flower open...when a few more open at the same time it might be another story... I do find though on this plant the flowers only last a few days - which is too bad.. Anyways I was happy to share a flower with you folks once, as I always, so much enjoy seeing yours!

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You know Golden I seem to remember the last time you posted one of your plants in bloom. I believe it was your Hoya angustifolia and it was still fairly small but also just covered in blooms. You are obviously doing something right, good growing.


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I really want to get better at describing fragrances. Hopefully without simultaneously turning into a pretentious snot. It's funny how people describing flower scents always sound adorable, and people describing wine or beer bouquets always sound like someone you should avoid at a party.

I agree that your plants always look like textbook examples of what we aspire to, golden. :)

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Golden, it is SO Pretty!! Your plant is nice and healthy too, thanks for posting!

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

Yes Mike your probably correct... Mindu I think I did have H. Australis flower inbetween... (I think I only had one flower on that one though... funny thing is I have both my H. tomataensis and my H. angustifolia growing in the same location - in my front window... so I guess they must like that sunny spot because your right - they both put out a pretty good flower show there! I now have 4 flowers open on my H. Tomataensis - funny thing is - you can BARELY smell it even with your nose right up there during the day... BUT as soon as it starts to get dark - the whole room is fragrant... Kinda wierd how that is?

GG, yes describing flower scents is a hard one... for instance I think my carnosa smells something like baby powder... my daughter thinks it smells like smelly socks! (whats with that... her nose must be outa joint - lol)
And pug- thank you very much... (cheers)

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

I figured since I had forgotten to post a photo of my H. Australis I would do so now... Another awesome fragrance... I bet with a few more flowers on the plant it could be somewhat over powering... I bought this plant from Pike Lake - he has such nice healthy plants.. and yes I was actually able to buy a PLANT -mindu it was alot smaller when I bought it - Pike lake is one of the few places to do so when your Canadian....

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Don't you just love australis flowers? They are so pretty!! My australis 'lisa' has a few peduncles and a couple of them are budding up for the very time, can't wait. I was fortunate to see blooms last year on my "fuzzy" leaf australis ssp australis after waiting for what seemed like forever to finally see it bloom.

That's a great picture Golden!!

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Golden, it's such a nice plant, I like the way you have it wrapped around a hoop! Flowers are just beautiful!

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