still blooming in SW Ontario

signet_gwOctober 2, 2012

Hard to believe but these plants are still blooming in my SW Ontario Canada gardens .

Medusa's Glance



Billy Stennet

and of course Stella D'oro

Not sure how long they will last as we are desperate for rain It has been a dreadful season


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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

That's awesome, when did they start blooming?


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Nancy zone 6

Amazing! I was shocked to find several blooming here, but of course, I'm much farther south. I often have had Stella & Happy Returns blooming, but they aren't doing anything at all right now. I do have these blooming, the first 4 just started reblooming within the last 2 or 3 days
Jim Brown
Wild Horses
Better Believe It
Raspberry Pixie
Siloam Virginia Hensen
The last 3 aren't even supposed to be rebloomers. Raspberry Pixie has rebloomed all summer-different scapes reblooming but it has had at least one scape since its original bloom. Virginia's rebloom has been as good as its original bloom. One of my new Maryott daylilies bloomed yesterday, but my back was hurting so I couldn't bend over to see the tag. Nice bloom though. I have scapes on still on Lotus Position, Casper's Shadow, & Pretty Gaudy, plus 3 new plants I got a few weeks ago. Temperatures have been pretty cool so it has taken these a long time to bloom. They are predicting a light frost Sunday night, the others may not make it to bloom.

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Excellent. I have a few still blooming, and this season seems unreal. So many that aren't listed as re-bloomers have, and at least five of them have bloomed four separate time. Of course, I am in the deep south, which helps.

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Reblooming in my garden are..........
LOVELY PINK LADY 5 rebloom scapes

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Julia NY(6)

I cut all my scapes yesterday as we have a frost advisory for Sunday. I put them in a vase and keep them in our mudroom. So this morning, UP MILL CREEK opened.

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I have a few rebloom scapes. The flowers are taking about 2 days to open though! Still blooming are Art Gallery Deco, Stars in the Mist, Iddy Biddy Gal, Banshee Lullaby, Belle of Amhurst, Earth, wind and Fire, Stella's Ruffled Fingers, Paige's Pinata, Mary Ethel Anderson and Forty Second Street. Also some of my Early Alibi x Coral Taco seedlings. I think we just had such a dry summer that when we got some rain in August some of the plants sent up new scapes. We certainly had enough heat for there to be rebloom this summer.
Maybe frost for tonight so that might be it!

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A couple of others have opened today ...Vintage Bordeaux and Dallas Star ......these will probably be the last as we are due for frost tonight ......but daylilies are tough so I am going to leave the stalks and watch what happens.

It is interesting to see the wide range of areas that still have daylilies blooming this time of year


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