Fertilizing ferns?

echobellySeptember 11, 2011

I put in a bed of Boston ferns a year ago that is finally filling in. I mixed bark chips into the soil (sand) and can really tell that I didn't mix too well, as some parts of the bed are nice and lush, and others are kinda skimpy. What fertilizer should I use on ferns to try to thicken the whole bed so I can stop weeding between the plants?

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I hope you have the bed contained because once those Boston ferns get going they never stop.

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The bed is bordered on all sides by wide concrete pavers.

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They will crawl underneath them. Boston fern is very invasive.

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A couple of years ago I had some that had been pulled up and put in a grocery bag, I put them next to the garage in the shade until I decided what to do with them. Now I have them growing in my palm under it's leaves!

It looks pretty, but is that okay! Should I pull them out of the palm?

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