A Kidly mistake, a Kitty, and some fall colour...

silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)October 1, 2012

A few years ago with my visit to Karol's farm, I lamented about loosing ripening seed pods to frost. She explained the process of cutting the ripening seed pod scapes , throwing them into a bucket of water. I still remember going "really" and the reply... "yes.really"

It really does work, UNLESS, you get get a overhelpful child, who things shes doing a favor, by opening up the not quite ripened pods and bringing them upstairs =(.. sigh, I lost about 50 seeds I think and a few really nice crosses.. OH well, I tried to explain that from now on you ask, before you touch them!

A few things are still blooming, including just purchased fall mums sprinkled thorughout the garden...

Some asters, covering rather ugly bare canes on R. Centefolia,

A bumble, still happy for anything thats left...

Just some shots on my road, I will be trying to get some nice fall shots this weekened, will see if the weather works out...

Our new kitty, Liza , A shelter cat, who had a broken leg and hip, she is recovering, poor thing, she has show some spirit already and she seems to do very well with our kids. Out of the 40 cats we played with there , she was by far the most understanding with small childen so she came home with us.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

oh I like the kitty. Shes very pretty. and so cute with the glasses on. the mums are pretty too.and them red and yellow leaves on the trees is so pretty. never see nothing like that here. its all pine trees.


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Sorry about the seeds, but know you will be doing lots more. Lovely fall pictures, and I love your new kitty. So glad she turned out to be the right one for you. Avedon

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Julia NY(6)

I just love seeing mums this time of year. Fall foliage is really lacking here this year so far. Maybe this month we will see more color as the temps continue to drop.
Always enjoy the pics of pets.


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Hmmm. Apparently I just previewed my answer and never submitted it.

Your photos are lovely as usual. I'm so sorry you had a little too much "help" with your seeds. Life with the little ones.

Your cat is very pretty. So happy you got a good cat and she got a great home. the vet told us that cats with similar markings/colors, are usually very even tempered. That is the case with the three (huge) males we have. good for you to rescue an adult.

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Love the color of your mums. Liza sure looks like she as settled in well so glad you adopted her from a shelter.

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