Hoya sussuela "Bamaga"

tropicbreezentMay 29, 2014

Quite by accident I found that my H. sussuela "Bamaga" was flowering. It grows up into a tree and that's where I had lost track of it. But the other day I noticed some Hoya vines hanging down further along with something attached. On closer look turned out to be flowers. Perhaps it's been flowering previously but I never noticed. I tracked the vines back as best I could to the sussuela pot. Flowers are about the same size as macgillivrayi.

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VERY nice!!! I've never heard of this one. Where did you get it? And where do you live that they can grow outside year round?

Denise in Omaha

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...And who ate that one corona? :-)

I have not heard about this one either. It looks great though! Nice surprise!

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Yes, where do you live that you can grow a wonderful plant like that outside, and that is a really cool Hoya that has the looks of an Eriostemma.

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Thanks for the comments. Yes, it is an Eriostemma. And no, I don't know who ate the corona. No sign of any insects around, but thankfully it was only one flower that was damaged.

I'm in Australia. GW changed my location details (plus gave me a sex change!). I can't change it back and they won't respond to my emails. But anyway, I got the plant from Liddle's Nursery, not long before David Liddle died. At the same time I got H. sussuela "Mcilwraith Range" but seem to have lost it.

Hoya sussuela ranges from Indonesia, New Guinea and Australia. Mine comes from near Bamaga, which is near the northern tip of Cape York Peninsula in Australia.

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