My new hoyas! I also have questions.

goddess9(7b)May 16, 2012

This is my first haul from Gardino nursery, and I'm very satisfied!

H. mindorensis. I've been looking at this Hoya for a while. For $10, I had to buy it here.

The new leaves look like this. If it were on any other plant, it would be plucked. Any other mindorensis owners know if this blotchy look is normal or not?

H. obscura. Oh my god, I'm in love with this color. How much light does it need to sustain this pigment?

Any other tips for these beautiful Hoyas? Thanks!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I'm guessing a great deal of light to be that red. When I grew H. obscura on a west window, it barely reddened just a bit, w/ unobstructed west exposure (6 stories up).

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When I read your mention of plucking that mindorensis leaf I almost yelled. NOOOOOOOO!
Hoyas develop all sorts of strange appearances while they are developing, some have to grow huge leaves and they often end up crinkled, splotched or coloured in some way that id different from a mature leaf.
The leaf on your plant looks just perfect to me, possibly some red pigment from exposure to bright light but that's also normal.


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PG, I had a feeling. I only have western light to offer...

Mike, haha okay. I will leave it alone. Thanks!

The "vines" of mindorensis were clipped to loop and the downward facing ends were dying back. I re-clipped so that they're standing upright. Should I let it die back or just snip it?

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My obscura from Gardinos looks just like yours with about 4 hours of direct sun early morning (outside in s.Florida). I just moved it, soon we will know if it goes green with just a bright light. ;)


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Congratulations! They look lovely.

Once they're dying back you might as well snip them back to the last node with a pair of sterilized shears. You could let it die back, but I think the pseudo-prune might speed things along.

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