taurustendency(5 mid missouri)October 10, 2013

lately ive been doing a lot of reading into all the different traits, forms, etc. its a bit overwhelming. i get the basics okay, but then some of those basics are further broken down into subcategories. new terms popping up everyday. its all a bit much for a newbie to swallow all at once. its a good thing i love learning!
it would be really nice if there was a photo specific publication out there for every trait. one that could be easily added to and updated each year, as the AHS makes room for new classifications. i found the AHS dictionary pretty helpful with the basic stuff. but lacks a little with the trends and working nicknames. for example, i ran into "tweener form" on Hansen's site a lot. (was checking his stuff out since he will be speaking in st louis on the 18th...thought about going.) also, some of the different characteristics are hard to picture in my head without actual photos. some stuff is very detailed, while other things are just downright vague. some people say open form, some people say round form, when they are taking about the same characteristic on the same flower. it seems that there really isnt a right or wrong way to describe a daylily. no set terms to chose from. perhaps there once was, but so many new characteristics have cropped up, and updated info about them are not being made available.

i was wondering if anyone could recommend any other sources for this type of info.

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

At our Regional Symposium last month, one of the hybridizers who spoke even made a comment about how the AHS keeps changing its definitions. I think the problem is that daylilies are changing so quickly that the terminology struggles to keep up.

One term that I've seen over and over on the Stamile/Pierce Floyd Cove site is "butterfly," but I can't figure out if they mean some specific characteristic by it or if that's just a nickname they use a lot. I don't see it anywhere else so it's not a standard term.


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taurustendency(5 mid missouri)

yeah i really think the "standard" terms need to be updated and published with descriptions. i found the little drawings for each of the unusual forms to be quite helpful. however, the regular forms are not even described anywhere.

i use words like "open, flat-faced, trumpet shaped, round, triangular shaped, diamond shaped"...but cant seem to find the real terms for what im talking about.

also, since they added the new sculpting classification, i thought there would be some nice pictures or drawings accompanying the descriptions, but nope. and the descriptions for each type of sculpting is rather confusing and too similar to be able to spot the diference in some cases. i dont know.

it seems the AHS site is way behind in several areas. dont get me wrong, i dont know what i would do without it, but it needs some serious updating. there is a great lack of pics for one thing. and the dictionary is lacking too.

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Brad KY(6b)

I have been very surprised at how out of date [especially lack of pictures and often the poor quality of pictures] the AHS site is. A google search produces more pictures. And I have noticed many of the pictures posted in this forum are top notch. Many daylily sale sites have poor pictures as well.

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Have you looked in the Daylily Dictionary ( on the main website) at the definition of sculpting? There are several pictures of each kind of sculpting. What specifically on the AHS website do you find to be out of date and have poor quality of pictures?

If you can give me some specifics, I will take a look at it.
Julie Covington, President
American Hemerocallis Society

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Brad KY(6b)

When I do a cultivar search, many many of them do not have pictures.

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Oh, it wasn't clear that you were referring to the AHS database. First, you may or may not realize that images were not required until sometime in the mid-1980's. Any cultivars registered BEFORE that time may not have images, and since some of them were never put into commerce, we may never be able to find images for some of those MIAs.

Also, people may not understand that if a hybridizer is alive, ONLY he or she may submit images for their registered cultivars. Some of them submit wonderful images, and some, well quite frankly, are horrible. We generally have to accept what a hybridizer submits. We recently have begun a small review committee for questionable images, and if they are out of focus or do not match the description, they will not be allowed. There has been no such safeguard in the past.

The current Registrar, Registration Chair and I are well aware that there are some issues with the database. Over the last year, I have appointed a person to chair a committee for historic daylilies ( particularly those really old cultivars in the DB that have deceased hybridizers and no images.) That committee has been collecting images and after they are reviewed and verified, they are submitted to be downloaded. I believe they have added over 8000 images so far, and have many more to review. So we are trying but there is a long way to go.
If anyone has an issue with an image for which you KNOW the hybridizer is alive, you need to contact the hybridizer. We cannot change any images or registration data without the hybridizer approving it first!

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

That's good to know that older daylilies are getting images added. Thanks!


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taurustendency(5 mid missouri)

hello julie! are these sculpting pictures you speak of new? the last time i checked (a couple months ago) there were only descriptions. thats wonderful if things are being updated. i will go back and check again. thanks!

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If photos were required in the 1980's why are registrations being accepted without them?

Examples -
Smooth Talker
Act Naturally
Alien Escape Pod
All of Your Love
Allegheny Skyline

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I don't know the exact date that pictures were required but will check on it.... I did not look up all of these but looked up a couple that turned out to be Curt's. Prior to the current registrar, there were a number of pictures that were sent in but never uploaded by the past registrar. Those missing images were not turned over to the current registrar and our best guess is that they were lost. I do know that a huge number of MIA Hanson images are due to be uploaded the next time the DB is uploaded. So hopefully you should see some of these come online soon.

Regrettably, there were a number of lost/ misplaced, etc. images that had been submitted after pictures were required. That was before my time and before the current registrar, so we really don't know what happened as we never got an explanation. Kevin has worked hard to add many of the missing images and thousands have been added, thanks to the efforts of volunteers like Rich Rosen, Michael Bouman, Debbie Monbeck, Linda Sue Barnes and others.

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As an FYI, the database was uploaded last night to include the plethora of recent registrations ( the calendar year for registrations is Nov1 to Oct. 31). Anything registered after Nov. 1 of this year, for example, becomes a 2014 registration. Another 1500 images were added at the same time. You should begin to notice that the database is becoming more populated with images. We're over 76,000 registered cultivars as of now.

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