I've Tied a Knot in my H Kerri's Stem

pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)May 14, 2012

How's this for crazy?

This H. Kerri growing in Leca stones & water is taking over the kitchen window. Lots of peduncles to be (7-8 at last count), but the main stem is reaching for the ceiling, I don't wish to cut it 'til it gets at least one leaf.

So here it is loosely knotted:

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

The larger view through the kitchen window, due west

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Nice growing PG.This hoya must like you to grow so many peduncles.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Thanks CP, I so wish that were true!! I've had these false peduncle alarms w/ a no ID (suspected Shepardii).

These are still the Kerrii from sometime last year. Sometimes the peduncles show best in shadow:

From around the same time:

Frustrating, I wish this guy would throw some leaves so I could cut it. I've started to push some fertilizer lately, both regular & bloom buster (alternating). (Wonder how that works in my Hydro setup, as to salts buildup etc.).

It's feeling that I shouldn't cut it which resulted in my knotting it (as in the opening shot on this thread).

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I have one Hoya kerrii that has done this but I still think it might leaf out. There is also a new growth from the base of my plant so it is quite possible yours will put out new growth with leaves. The kerrii that I have in very bright conditions tends to develop lots of peduncles as well but no sign of flowers. Because this is a species that grows in areas where it is very dry for part of the year I wonder if growing in semi-hydro is part of the reason for the absence of blooms.
Is anyone else growing this Hoya in semi-hydro or another setup where it gets moisture all year around? Have you flowered this species without giving it a dry period?


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I'd be happy if my kerrii had a vine at all. You guys crack the code and I'll know what to do once mine gets going.

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I need a cutting of this hoya....none of my local plant suppliers have it available. any one know an online seller that is legit? Also would like hoya bella to add to my collection. Thanks

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Alavon...

Maybe you're new, so try a search for nurseries who sell this Hoya. Or, post a separate thread asking for sources. FYI: It's customary to start a new thread if/when one asks a new question different that the existing thread. Just so you know & no harm done.

Sorry, I've had the parent of this plant for a long time & have long forgotten where I got it. Unlikely it's mail order as I almost NEVER do that (too cheap & also lucky enough to have other sources).

GG: Oh that we DO crack the code; LOL, you'll hear me shouting from the rooftops.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Well I've had a couple of days off from work so stayed home & played w/ the plants (among other things). I thought I saw some of the peduncles on here whose tips are starting to swell up. I tried taking pix, not easy to catch, but the swelling up seemed to continue on several of them.

Oh, sorry, forgot to mention an interesting development, about a month ago, the growing tip was accidentally sunburned to a crisp (it had suddenly become quite hot in NYC, w/ no warning & the growing tip was directly in the west window, w/ the growth tip unprotected). So I found that, crumbled off the burnt tip & thought 'oh well'.

So the injury forced new growth lower on the stem (yippee). First it sprouted several abnormally shaped leaves w/ irregular borders & ragged looking. Then several pairs of baby leaves, aerial roots & new peduncles (that triple it sometimes does) which looked very different that the others. I thought interesting, but had no idea what to make of it.

Something made me look at them this morning & lo & behold the 2 new peduncles are swelling up w/ visibly discernable buds (they're only 2 or 3 days old, but obvious in their new buds), I am so excited. Tried to get pix, but couldn't really & had to go to work.

GG: get your pen & paper ready as I believe that code is going to fall (not to jinx myself, but really)!

I'll post new pix of them as soon as I can. Fingers & toes crossed here!!

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Congratulations! That's great news. So, kerrii is a bit of a masochist? jk ;)

At least our plants are loving this heat stroke weather, right?

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PG, Congrats! I have one that is 10 yrs old. It blooms in August for me. It sits and sits with plenty of peduncles, they swell up, and after 2 weeks of staggered blooms, drips red nectar all over and goes back to sleep. I have tried different methods and mine hates too much water. I water once every 2 weeks full drench w/a fish emulsion dilution, soil is a blend of Miracle Grow/Orchid potting mix with perlite added. In the winter I water once a month if that. I grow it under lights 12 hrs on and off, the growth habit of yours and mine seem the same. Long stem, peduncles, one...leaf....at...a....time. A very heavy plant. ~ Mary

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PG, my Kerrii is bare naked along a good bit. I still need to pay someone to get up in the tree to hack bits of it out, so that I can take it down and out of the wee bitty pot I so proudly displayed here years, and yonks ago.

I have to say that I find the stem of this one more woody and significantly more brittle because of it. But... whatever works!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Cena,

So yours still has bare patches too? Maybe that's in its nature.


Thanks for explaining the progression of your Kerrii to bloom. It's very helpful to me as I have no other model & it's my first time blooming this. I can't find the tag, I think it's 2 yrs. old this summer (I'd have to track backwards some postings here). But I've grown it from a branch that broke off when the parent Kerrii fell from its window. That one is in mix & I care for it like you do, winter watering maybe every 3 wks & a frosted west window which it likes.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Everybody,

Happy Monday, belatedly, I seem to have a head cold, but my peduncles are progressing along splendidly. Will try to get pix in the next couple of days, but the largest peduncle was opening 2 blooms this AM (rats, I had to come to work, but glad to be employed!). Another 2 penduncles setting buds now.

Maybe the answer is to injure this plant a bit & then it'll do something?!

I remember some discussion along these lines early in this Forum. Denise, do you remember what I mean, is that ringing at all familiar?

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