How do You Start Palm Trees by Seed?

imatallunSeptember 26, 2008

Can anybody provide instructions? I have viable Christmas Tree Palm and Date Palm seeds. The info I've searched on the web hasn't been that helpful, and UF Info is geared toward commercial growers.

I'd like to distribute the seeds to people that can't otherwise afford to purchase trees from nurseries but have an interest in gardening or would like to beautify their landscape.

This morning a bracket of nice sized seeds fell off a Christmas Palm. I took it to a big medical clinic. Several of the people who worked there wanted seeds, but didn't know what to do with them. I didn't want to dispense incorrect advise, and suggested that they "check around", the one thing I knew was that they aren't viable that long. Oh, before I joined this forum, those seeds surely would have ended up in the garden waste pick up pile.

Thanks in advance for your help...

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While I've never grown them myself, Christmas Palms will start themselves if they roll under the mulch after falling off the tree. My neighbor has dozens of volunteers in the ground from his palms.

Last week I yanked a Spindle Palm volunteer that was growing up between the bromeliads planted below it. (Don't worry, I didn't toss it out. Saving it for whoever wants it at the Swap-a-Que.)

Queens, Robellenii, Washingtonias, all seem to pop up without any help from me. I must have a dozen Licuala spinosa from seeds that ripened and fell. And don't get me started on Arecas.

I know the nurseries all use specific techniques, depending on the palm. But for home growers, just plain dumb luck seems to be the best route to follow.

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Good to know Ricky, thanks. And LOL, I know about the Areca (and Sable) reseeding - Arggh! I haven't ever pulled up a volunteer from the Christmas or Pigmy Date Palm. I keep a 3" mulch though.

Thanks again,

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abendwolke(9 FL)

How we did it (at a nursery): take a big pot, add well draining, loose potting soil, add the palm tree seeds and mix it all up. Stick the pot in a corner and forget about it. When the first seedlings appeared, we pulled them out, potted them up and gave the mix in the pot a good stir for the others to sprout.. and they sure did LOL


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Thanks, Evelyn!!! How deeply did you cover the seeds with the soil? It sounds like it varied.

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lellie(z9 Anna Maria Island)

Only the squirrels know the real answer...LOL!

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