Family Portrait

tigerdawn(7)May 1, 2010

I got all my hoyas together, not including cuttings, and took a picture. I would like to ask for constructive critisism. I know the KP needs to be repotted and the non-variegated growth cut off. What else do you all see?

Starting at top left: DS-70, Grandmother's carnosa, Lacunosa "Royal Flush", Carnosa, Obovata, (now around to the bottom) "Kerrii", Wayetti, Compacta, Pubicalyx "Red Buttons", Krimson Princess

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Jan Sword

I love your Royal Flush, nice family potrait!
I think the carnosa is way over potted unless it's in a smaller pot but all your plants looks happy and healthy.
Good growing.


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Thanks Jan! What size pot should the carnosa be in? It is 3-4 pretty good sized plants all in there together. I need to change the soil anyway so now would be a good time to change the size.

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I just repotted the KP. I think I figured out why it hasn't bloomed in the two years I've had it: I counted a total of 26 rooted cuttings in the pot! None of the plants are anywhere near old enough to bloom. I put the 11 reverted plants in one pot and the 15 vareigated plants in the original pot I bought it in. Hopefully both pots will be happier now. (And much less rootbound!)

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Jan Sword

Tigerdawn, what size pot is carnosa in now?
Most hoyas do like root bound but not so much as to not having any dirt on the roots.
The Hoya Chelsea is hard to train once it gets older because stem kind of gets hard so a tall trellis should wok well. Mine are on 18" trellis, I wish I had trained them on higher trellis. I might untangle one day to see if I can retrain.


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The chelsea is on my list to repot in better mix. I'll probably pot up a little and make it a heavy one so I can put in a good sized trellis. I have trouble with the obovata being top heavy, especially if it needs water.

The carnosa pot is 13" at the lip and 13" tall. I can take it out of the pot tomorrow and see what the roots look like.

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Tigerdawn, despite all the good advice given to you by the forum members, all of your hoyas are beautiful and look very healthy...congrats on a great job!! Fondly, Patrick

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Tigerdawn, that's a nice collection you have! It'll keep growing if you're a hoya nut like the rest of us!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

Well Tiger - I think you have a very lovely family :0) And I can tell well loved! I especially like your lacunosa!! Good growing!

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Thank you Patrick and Brad!

I repotted the carnosa into a 10" azalea pot. It/they should be happier. There are 3 plants in there together.

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Nice plants, but where are the pets? When I saw "family portrait", I got excited thinking for sure it'd be a pet picture!! :)

All of your plants look great. Cute rope and your obovata is quite handsome. For my plants that use a trellis, I secure the trellis in the pot using plastic cable ties and then add rocks to the bottom of the pot for ballast.

I really like that carnosa pot and the "dolly" it's sitting on ,,, thanks for sharing!!


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Hi Tiger
I think the cutting Pub. Red Buttons that I sent it to you, the name is not correct. Please checking my post to see what happen.

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Here you go Jennifer!

This is my Great Dane, Tuvok

This is my recently deceased bunny, Cinnamon

This is my baby girl, Lilly

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