soursop in zone 9 ?

fagopher(zone 5)September 28, 2010

Has anybody tried growing soursop in central Fl (zone 9?). Would this grow in pots? is it self fertile ?

If so, any idea where can I get one from ?


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Soursop is just another name for the Annona Muricata or Guanabana. I see seeds listed on eBay for cheap. I think zone 9 is just a little too far north for it to grow without protection but for 10 seeds under 5 bucks (including shipping) it may be worth a try as every garden area has micro climates.


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I think it is Flatwood Tree Farm in Riverview that had them at one time. I tried one as a host for a butterfly (Zebra Swallowtail, I think) but it died the first winter, which wasn't a very cold one. Maybe you can google them and see. I am in 9b, Lakeland

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I think 9b would be too cold. I moved here in December and was told one of my small trees was a Soursop. We had one night of freezing in January. It was officially 31 and I had a quarter inch of ice in my birdbath. The tree lost all its leaves in 24 hours and had a lot of tip damage. It took a few months to recover and is fine now. I think multiple freezes would kill the buds and prevent regrowth. Multiple foliage kills would probably prevent any fruit set, but you can always try.


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I planted a soursop tree in zone 9b. It died the first night of freezing and it never recovered. I have one in a pot that I bring in in the winter so far it hasn't fruited

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fagopher(zone 5)

Thanks for the feedback.. I know the tree will not survive outside, so I will try to grow it in pots..I am not sure how well they fit in a pot, but Lou is right. I got seeds for $2 so worst thing is that I lost $2.


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