How long to keep frozen fruit & Veg.?

oletimerSeptember 24, 2011

How long can you keep frozen fruit & Vegetables? Some of mine has frost in the bags and are a couple of years old.

I am talking blueberries, winter squash, Z.squash, blanched cabbage. Thanks.

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readinglady(z8 OR)

If it has frost in the bags, then there are several issues.

1. A self-frosting freezer is much harder on food storage and the life of whatever you freeze is shorter.

2. The packaging isn't sufficiently airtight.

As far as the food is concerned, it's totally up to you whether it's salvageable or not. In most cases when it's severely frosted and/or freezer-burned it's lost nutrition, texture and taste.

But sometimes foods can be used or "disguised" if you want to give it a try. For example, blueberries in smoothies, winter squash in breads or soups, zucchini and cabbage in soups.

There are no food safety issues so you get to assess the palatibility.


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I am currently using fruit/veggies that were processed two years ago. However mine are in vacumn bags and in a non-frost free chest freezer, so there is no sign of freezer burn.

I lost too much to freezer burn before I got the sealer, now I can keep things a lot longer before they go bad - as to they don't taste good and the texture is horrid. But since they aren't spoiled, the chickens got them.

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