homemade basalmic vinegar?

bunnyman(Thumb of MI)September 19, 2011

So I'm making grape juice like crazy. Throwing the skins and pulp away. I know that pulp/skins is what is used to make basalmic vinegar.

Anyone ever tried homemade vinegar? Idea where I can get a "mother". I've made kombuka (sp?) which is tea allowed to turn into weak vinegar with the help of a yeast bacteria disk that floats on top.

Still tons of wild grapes for me to harvest... more then I'll get to. I'm getting more from my wild areas then my garden this year... alas no puffball mushrooms this year.

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I'm making vinegar for the first time today. I'll be curious to see what answer you get. I'm going to try a couple different batches using two gallon buckets with airlocks for the fermenting step. One I'm using pears chopped up along with a little brewer's yeast and the other I'm using some juices I canned this year along with a little Bragg's vinegar. The juices have been pasteurized, so I'm not sure how that's going to turn out. I'm hoping the Bragg's helps.

We'll see.


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