Spent the day in the garden

organic_kitten(8)October 4, 2012

I planted the first few plants that had been growing in pots. I took some expert advice and I am glad I did. These little plants...one was just a single fan, had gone a pot full of roots. They were simple to plant.

I spent a good bit of time weeding and cut back the foliage on the first section of daylilies. Patricia Snider Memoria has decided to put up a scape. I will watch it for a few days, but if I don't think it will make it. I will cut it too.

I found a scape of Lava Flow that should begin opening blooms tomorrow. Bob Watson and Marseilles Watercolor are still blooming too. A very longg season this year.

I am very happy to be working in the garden again.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Always something to do in the garden. For me it will be planting bulbs. By the time that is done it will be time to gather Fall leaves in order to mulch before winter.

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There is still so much to do. At least it is finally cool enough to work outside without too much risk of heat stroke.

I will be planting just a few hundred bulbs this time, and I don't really look forward to that. I will think about you and look forward to pics of your gorgeous dreamland of tulips and other spring bulbs.

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

That's the perfect description of a great day Kay!

I spent an hour in the garden today, not near long enough as I have so many things to do. Hopefully tomorrow I will get to spend 3-4 in the garden.

And yes, it is so much nicer now that the temps. have lowered quite a bit. The cooler temps are invigorating.

Just great that you keep finding more scapes! I can't wait 'til next year to see a lot of daylilies blooming!

P.S. I enjoy your informative posts!


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Maryl zone 7a

I don't know if this front is headed your way or not, but this week-end, we have a cold front moving in with temps as low as 38 at night and daytime temps in the low 50's. Like Kay, we had just gotten a few days of decent weather after months of heat, when pow! this *&%$#! weather shows up. I'll be rushing around trying to drag in tropicals for starters. I spent this day frantically washing out all my used pots because I don't want to be sitting out there with a bucket of cold soapy water cleaning pots in 50 degree windy weather...Gardening (in my climate at least) isn't for sissies.....Maryl

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

lol Maryl, I hear ya! I have tropicals too that have to be brought in (the greenhouse that is) before 1st frost. Avedon said she is expecting a light frost Sunday night. And she's about 120 miles or so north of me. So I went and checked the paper here. However I've still not even bought a replacement for the one a strong wind destroyed some months ago. I guess I better get on the ball!

Where I live is kind of in an odd place (zone wise). Just 20 miles south of me is zone 9. But here we are in a little dip down and it gets much colder than that here. Last winter it never got below 25 though. But the year before we had 3 nights in a row at 8 degrees and it didn't get above 32 in the daytime for those 3 days either. So technically that was a 7b winter and a 9a last winter. Our poor plants are all mixed up. But usually we have a typical zone 8a winter.


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I haven't decided whether to plant my durata erecta or move it into the greenhouse once more time. I will probably put it in one more year.

It is probably going to be no lower than mid forties here.

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