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oneraeApril 19, 2012

I've had this hosta for at least 5 years and it only has 2 leaves each year. What am I doing wrong?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i doubt its SS ..

any chance at a picture??

it is one of the fastest giant hosta there are ...


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I had SS for 3-4 years and it never got much bigger. I finally moved it to another spot and now it's huge.

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bernd ny zone5

S&S likes some sun, and all hostas like a lot of humus and water. But I had no luck either with my S&S hostas, they did not grow well. Then I bought another S&S from another place and that grew beautifully, have now 2 mature ones. Some hostas come up for years with 1 eye, this is probably because they will be big when mature but got bought too small and first need to develop into that big-plant league, such as long roots.

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Bernd, are your S&S container grown?

How deep is the container?

I have my 3d year S&S in a 14 x 14 square plastic pot and it is putting out its 5th leaf now. Previously it had been in the ground in zone 5B, and was doing great. I think it only had one big eye last August when I dug it up. However, this year it only came up with one shoot, and the leaves are all pretty big and really crisp.

I was wondering if it should go into a whiskey barrel this fall when it goes dormant, or maybe before then? In its present pot, I don't think it will have room for DEEP ROOTS.

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Most giants take 5 to 7 years before they excel. Mine is big but it doesn't grow anywhere near as fast as my 3 year old Empress Wu. My S&S was a single eyed plant 20 years ago and stayed that way for a long time. It has been in the same spot for 11 years now and is about 5 or 6 feet wide.

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I believe I'll put it in a container...I don't know why I haven't moved it before now, but each year I thought it would grow! Actually it was larger when I bought's probably planted on a rock. We have a thin layer of soil over our rocks around here!!

Thanks everyone...


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Before you dig it up you should check and see if you might have it planted too deep. The top of the crown should be at the top of the soil. Having a hosta planted too deep can stunt the growth. If this is the case and it isn't too far down you might be able to just remove some of the soil from around the top.

It should be like #3.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

Chris from hallson's says not to go too big on the pots. My S&S is about 5 years old and is in a 16" pot. I would guess it to be 5 gallons. I may move it up next spring.


Just a quick photo of my S&S today:

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bernd ny zone5

Moccasin, all my hostas are in the ground, except this winter's seedlings, and the nice 4 new ones I just got from Naylor Creek and potted up for now. Here is my larger S&S last June. It is about 30 inches tall and leaves are length+width= 30 inches. It is about 10 years old. Bernd

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Bernd, is that an azalea in the foreground of your big S&S?
Do you get the Korean azaleas for your zone?

My ONLY S&S is putting out its fifth leaf now. I have it under the canopy of some tall ligustrum, and will be moving it when the sun climbs higher and it gets no more morning sun. Last year in Ma. zone 5B it was doing great in the afternoon sun, up to late Sept.,at which time I potted him up to go south.

I know other hosta can get gigantic, but this is the only one I have which develops the elephant ear sized leaves.
When I have more courage, I'll get him a girl friend, Empress Wu.

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bernd ny zone5

That azalea is nothing special, should be blooming soon. In my zone 5 I have no problem with azaleas which are listed as hardy, such as Exbury. Talking about "Korean", Korean dogwood is hardy here, does not get that fungus, are trouble free, is good for sun and shade, will be blooming in May (I think).

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