Apple Peelers

happyhelperSeptember 15, 2011

I would appreciate any suggestions about apple peelers. I have one bought from a department store that just doesn't do the job. I see some on the web and would really like to know what your experience has been with some of the better ones.


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I use the Pampered Chef peeler, I've had it for about 15 years and it's peeled many many apples :). You can find it other places too. It clamps onto the counter. Just make sure to clean it well to keep it working well.

It sure makes quick work of apples. It peels, cores, and slices all at the same time!

Good luck & happy shopping.

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I know several people with the Pampered Chef, and they like it fine. I bought one and it seems the spring is too tight, and it bites into the apple too much. I've tried all sorts of things, and can't get a good peel to result. I've never tried it on anything but the apples off my tree, and maybe they are not a good shape for it.

I was told that I should have sent it back . . . but I don't mind hand peeling apples, even when I do 40 at a time to fill the dehydrator.

I do love it for slicing though - I hand peel and then run them through using just the spiral cutter to cut and core.

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That seems to be the trouble I'm having with my peeler. It bites in too much and then it gets stuck and won't continue cutting. I ended up using my hand peeler. It takes more time and I guess I will do it in about three batches - a batch each day. I get tired of peeling. They all seem to be made the same way. I have been looking for an antique one at garage sales or antique stores but have not seen one.

Springschel, When I first got mine a few years ago, I don't remember having any trouble with it. It's a Norpro Apple Master, cost about $25.00. Seems to be what they are selling now and all the brands look similar.

I appreciate your answers. Thanks

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What about the peelers that suction on to the countertop? I can't find any of the clamp on ones.

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There should be an adjustment screw under the arm what holds the peeler, to loosen the spring tension. Also, the unit should have included a spare blade for the peeler section because they don't stay sharp forever. I suspect one or the other is your problem, since yours used to work.

I have a clamp-on one. It is a progressive and I bought it at the kitchen store at the mall. I paid $14.99 for it a few years ago and it works like a charm! I did up a crock pot full of apples yesterday. It is made so if you do not want it to slice, you can remove the slicer/corer blade if you just want it to peel. I do that sometimes for things like apple dumplings or baked apples.

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Sometimes when an apple is a little too ripe and I have trouble with the the apple cutting. It will just spin and not cut, but those are few and far between, I hand peel those. Occasionally an odd shaped apple needs to be hand peeled too.

Oukay, I would not bother with a suction cup peeler, slicer, corer. I don't think the suction would be strong enough to keep the slicer attached to the counter. With that said, I've never used one either....but sometimes I even have to re-tighten my clamp on one because of all the activity.


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My peeler is not a Pampered Chef, but since it looks similar I'm presuming it is the same design. So I hope the following applies.

"That seems to be the trouble I'm having with my peeler. It bites in too much and then it gets stuck..."

The blade is mounted on a spring loaded arm that has a "shoe", a smooth projecting area, that rides on the apple skin. The amount the blade projects from the shoe determines the depth of cut. A large projection will cut "curly fries" from a potato, too little will leave some of the skin on an apple.

When prepping for apple butter I sort the fruit into similar skin types,i.e., all russets get done together, so the projection is adjusted accordingly.

The blades aren't that hard to sharpen. I use a small whetstone with water (off the machine).

BTW, no problems with the suction cup style on Formica. It may be helpful to have a VERY THIN layer of water or veg. oil on the cup.

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Here is one SERIOUS apple peeler. I bought an antique one on Ebay for $10 plus shipping, which was another $10 roughly, and a couple of replacement blades, as a gift for my sister, who was drooling over this but didn't want to shell out $170 for it.

Works GREAT. The one I bought her was in excellent condition except for a tiny bit of surface rust, and we just fixed it right up, repainted it, and its perfect.

Here is a link that might be useful: Probably the ultimate apple peeler for those with the $$$'s

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denninmi, that is a beautiful peeler. I have been looking for one in antique stores but with no luck so far. Maybe, I'll try looking at e-bay for one.

I did go out to Sears and purchased a new apple peeler and it did come with two blades. I think that is all that is wrong with my original one. It has a clamp (no suction cup). I have always found that the clamp holds better.


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kriswrite(zone 8)

I have the Pampered Chef one and have used it for over 10 years. I love it! All decent apple peeler/corers should have a adjustment for tension. The only time I have to hand peel is when the core is beginning to rot.

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gardengrl(Northern Virginia)

I have one of the ones that uses a suction cup (red)...can't remember the brand. Anyway, it's been a great tool, but the peeler blade-loop is getting a little dull after so many uses.

Anyone know if there's a company that sells replacement apple peeler parts?

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steve22802(7a VA)


You can get replacement blades from Lehman's Hardware.

You might try sharpening yours first using a round file.

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gardengrl(Northern Virginia)


Thanks; sharpening the blade myself is a great idea! The apples are finally here!

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I have a Progressive brand suction peeler and I love it. I have had my husband sharpen the blade before, but will probably buy a replacement blade or two as well.

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Has anyone tried that Lehman Reading peeler on pears?

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lpalta(z5 NY)

What do you make with the ringed slices other than applesauce? Where the apple rings are displayed on top, an apple cobbler or something like that?

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I use the rings for dehydrating. For applesauce, I run the apples through a mill, peal and all (though I do cut off the blossom end.

I made candied apple rings one year, but it's not something I would use a lot anyway, so I have not done it since.

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We use the sliced rings for pies and cobblers - slice the coil in 1/2, fill a pie/cobbler container until you have the right amount, put that in a freezer bag and freeze it.

Yesterday, we thawed a bag and made fried apples to go with some pork chops.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

In addition to pies, cobblers, and fried apples they can be used of Apple Brown Betty, turnovers, baked with cheese, cooked to make apple jam/jelly/apple butter, etc.

Really anything containing apples.


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An up-date on my apple peeler that I purchased from Sears. The price was right and it did come with 2 blades. However, I was peeling apples with great "gusto" last fall and the part that slices the apples bent all out of shape and could not be fixed.
I called for a replacement part but got voice-mail. Left my number, she called back and got my voicemail. I called her back and again got voicemail. She called me back and again got my voicemail. This went on about 3 times and so I gave up. Probably with shipping costs and the cost of the part, I will probably end up buying a new one next fall.
I dehydrated lots of apple slices. My family really went for them so I know I'll be doing apple slices again this coming fall. I would not even try to make applesauce or the dehydrated apples without an apple peeler!

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Just received my Pampered Chef peeler that I bought on eBay. The kids are excessively excited about using it, and have consumed a surprising number of apples in the last 36 hours! Can't wait to use it in the fall.

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