Ted Petit's 2010 Intros,

carefreeplants_2008(7a Northern Virginia)October 11, 2009

Ted Petit has his 2010 intros on his website. Web site has a new look -- I prefer the old look.

There are huge intros, including the record breaking plant whose garden name was "9.5"

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Ted's 2010 intros

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.... and they have a pretty price too! I don't see a thing that I can't live without. Well, I like the $300 one, but certainly not enough to pay $300 for it! I guess people charge what they think the market will bear. Would be interesting to know how many buy that one.

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carefreeplants_2008(7a Northern Virginia)

agree that prices are quite high...unless the collection is purchased, and then, there's a big discount.
and I wouldn't get the collection for space reasons. similarly, there's nothing I can't live without.
would be nice to have the,9.5" and Rhonda Fleming plants, but will wait.

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tepelus(6a SW MI)

At least with his new website, it doesn't freeze up my computer any more like the old one did. He has nice plants, but I'm poor and can't afford them. I'd have to wait a few years.


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beachlily z9a

I've noticed that a number of hybridizers have introduced many of their new intros at lower prices. It's the economy!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Those prices look very high to me in light of todays economy. I wonder how many collections he would actually sell. There were two that I thought were especially pretty but I am not looking to buy there.

I have less to spend over this winter for new daylilies myself but its not a bad thing for me as I don't have too much room left.

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nanny56(IN 5b)

I totally agree that for the money not anything that is really unique from daylilies already available. I lile ruffles but they seem to be getting way to big now even for me!

I would say compared to others, the prices are not that out of line. But not within my budget.

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I would say that the uniqueness is in the size. Most of the full formed daylilies in Petit's 2010 collection are 7 to 8 inches. The look-a-likes tend to be in the 5.5 to 6 inch size. These bigger blooms would have more garden impact. The same is the case with the $300 butterfly daylily. Blue Eden is 6.5 to 7 inches.

That said, these daylilies are not my thing. The closest to my taste is Lady of Hope and it is short with a lower budcount.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I noticed the larger size in many of the descriptions myself. Maybe they all are that large, I don't know as I didn't look at all the descriptions.

I also went back and looked at the fall 2009 intros and those prices weren't quite as bad as the ones for spring 2010. At least not compaired to the full form collection, those prices are brutal.

Now I figgure everyone has the right to put their prices were they want but still there are others who have plainly stated that they priced lower this year (like Nicole Harry) to make things more afordable. Then there is the kind of thing that Jim Murphy did were he added a new intro this fall as a special bonus on all orders and you still got a regular bonus. I appreciate hybidizers that understand the fact that there is less to spend lately instead of sticking to sky high prices.

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Perhaps I'm getting old and jaded, but I doubt seriously that something advertised as an 8" flower - growing in Florida with daily water and fertilizer, would EVER reach that size in my normal garden where plants have to live w/o steroids! It is nice that a few folks are making their prices more reasonable this year, and it would probably behoove some others to take note. One prominent hybridizer told me a few weeks ago that his sales had been off 80% this year.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

80% !!! That is astounding. I know you must not want to say publicly but is it a Florida hybridizer? I am wondering if the steep prices on the florida intros are catching up with people. Of course, the prices aren't extemely low on many more northern hybridizers but I have yet to see anything put out as expensively as some new florida intros.

As to the 8 inch flowers, when I looked at the fall 2009 intros, they are listed as more normal flower sizes. So it looks like only the newest intros are the supersize ones.

I know they do things differently in florida but here all plants and that means daylilies included have to do well with normal garden care. Any leek size fans quickly shrink down to size. I do fertilze in spring, also put down alfalfa. Then I do liquid fertilizer right after bloom. I also use compost in all my beds so they do get good care. I am just not going to go crazy about it.

I sure would like to hear reports on flower size and so forth from anyone that tries any of these large flowers next year.

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I too noticed Harry's statement regarding price decrease due to econmoic conditions and had hoped that was the begining of a trend. I guess not.

My hypothesis is that the big boys will continue to sell plenty of plants to the mid-level hybridyzers and vendors. The pain will be felt when those people go to sell the split up plants on the auction and the rest of us (me) cant afford to pay what we once could. Meaning those mid-level people wont recover their expenses as easily. Im thinking it will take another season or two for that to trickle back up to the big boys. But maybe thats just wishful thinking.

Still, I was surprised to see so little of an effort being made to make plants more affordable. The economic climate is no secret. And just to be clear, I am not talking about any one specific hybridizer's prices.

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Price high, sell less. Price low, sell more. The end income is probably close to the same but there's less work involved with pricing high & selling less. And with lower distribution you've curbed your sales competition at the local levels in future years. But the price you pay is the loss of goodwill so is it worth it in the end?

I've often wondered if the Florida hybridizers sell enough plants to cover all costs and make a decent living. I'm aware that some of them are pensioned while others still draw salaries from 'real' jobs which leaves me wondering...

Can 12-20 intros, twice a year, generate enough income to support the cost of land, greenhouses, water, chemicals, employees, etc?

Whatever marketing strategy they adopt, I just don't see how its possible to pay all those costs and make a supporting profit without needing other income sources (pensions, salaries, etc.)

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nanny56(IN 5b)

I do think some of the big hybridizers have forgotten us regular folks who want plants that are healthy and strong and give us beautiful flowers to enjoy and brightn our day a little. This not just in daylilies either. Look at the echinacea fiasco of the last few years.....

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Not my style of daylily ... and personally, I'm going to concentrate on buying from Northern Hybridizers for the next couple of years.

I have bought quite a few FL plants, with decent success. But I would prefer better success. Nor do I pay 1st year intro price for any daylily. I always wait a couple of years.

PS: Ted is a doctor, so doesn't need to sell his daylilies to survive.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I do know that many hobby hybridizers might register a daylily for personal reasons but when you get to the point of the fancy websites, collection prices and intros each year then surely the point of all that is to sell the daylilies so that your intros grow in lots of gardens besides your own. I would think there would be some pride involved here and thats not a bad thing at all. It must be gratifying to have customers flock to buy what one has created. At some of the astounding prices that I see, I don't think many can afford them even if they want them.

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Actually, Ted is a Psyc professor (Phd = Dr) at the University of Toronto - still on salary with the university which would probably mean that daylilies are a hobby for him.

Which still begs the question - is it possible to make a decent living (supporting at least 2 people comfortably) with only daylilies or do you need other sources of income? I'm thinking it can't be done.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I am not sure if anyone makes their living selling only their own intros but it makes a difference if you have a daylily farm were you grow daylilies for resale. Like Maryotts.

Now I know thats what Bill and Marilyn do full time but of course I have no idea what other sources or income or pension might be.

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Thanks can ... interesting that I thought he was an eye specialsit. LOL! Who knows where I got that from!

I think the people who are doing well, hybridizing and selling daylilies, do it as a retirement or second income. If you look at some of the people who are doing it full time, and naturally there are exceptions, they don't seem to be making a good living from selling daylilies.

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