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mantis__ohOctober 25, 2012

It seems I am getting more and more ads on this forum, in which I have to click an "X" to get rid of the ad. What do others do to avoid this nuisance?

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Julia NY(6)

I use Firefox (browser) with Ad Blocker. I see no ads at all.
I know GW relies on ads to provide a free site but there are other ways to put advertising on a site without it being so intrusive and if I did let the ads show,my computers speed would consistently slow down to a crawl.


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tepelus z6a SW MI

Same here. I use Mozilla Firefox for my browser with Ad Blocker Plus. No more pop-ups.


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Thanks. I installed the ad blocker and am no longer getting ads here. It is really obnoxious when something pops up and has to be clicked in order to be removed.

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I am so used to IE. Any solutions for it?
I know ads are needed and I don't mind them. And before pop-ups were small, but now I have this Sherwin-Williams every time, and it's huge :) First page ad always rolls out unexpectedly, so instead of clicking on Daylilies I usually go to other forums first :)) and then have to come back, wait for the ad to shrink, then go to Daylily, click on all Xs to close ads, after reading every post, after previewing answer, etc. Fun..

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gata(z5a NH)

thank you so much for the question and the great answer! I only very recently got DSL. we were on dial up before. So I hadn't been viewing the forums in years....Now that I can access them without twiddling my thumbs, I was appalled by the number of ads here (more than in the past, for sure). Just upgraded my firefox and downloaded the Adblock Plus. No more ads!

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Julia NY(6)

nat4b : Check the IE forums or just google and I'm sure there is a solution.

I also think there was suppose to be a link here on GW that you could OPT OUT of the ads. Check with the moderators. Use the CONTACT US link at the bottom of the thread page where the Instructions are listed or just do search of GW.


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