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Diana_Gale(6a-7b)May 30, 2013

Can someone give me water/light/heat instructions for these Hoyas?

Hoya flavida IML 0423

Hoya lacunosa 'Langkawi Island' SRQ 3077

Hoya panchoi IML 0249

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Hoya flavida (IML 0423)

I've had this Hoya for about 3 years and I find it pretty tough - it looks more tender than it is. Its leaves are always a nice bricky maroon when they are new, but if you want your plant to maintain the showy colors it's known for, you will need to keep it in high light. It's an intermediate plant (> 60F).

Hoya lacunosa Langkawi Island (SRQ 3077)

I heartily recommend this collection of lacunosa to everyone. Its leaves are very dark, very tiny (~1cm long), and very thin, making it look like a papercutting. Aside from that, just care for it like a regular lacunosa. They're all pretty thirsty as a species, so if you really want them to do well, water them slightly more often than most Hoyas. Lacunosas are cool species (>50F).

Hoya panchoi (IML 0249)

This one is really tough and grows fast. It's a trooper and will calmly endure scenarios that can swiftly cripple other Hoyas, (like a long bout with root mealies, for example.) It's also an intermediate species, I assume, given its similarity to heuschkeliana.

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thank you so much


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well, I never got these plants... there was some kind of issue with the seller's website. I made 2 orders, but neither went through!

Hoya frustration over here!


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