I Didn't Know I owned a Hoya!

susaninnorthga(Zone 7)May 18, 2010

I've had a Hoya for 6 years but didn't know what it was. It has been thru total neglect and survived my total ignorance about it. Now I am excited after finding out what it was and reading thru this forum. I think it is Crimson Queen. I am wondering how often to fertilize, (it has never been) and what type of soil. The soil it is in now is literally 6 years old.

Thanks in advance for any help for a total novice.


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Hoyas (in general) appreciate gritty, well drained soil. They like bright light but too much sun will burn the leaves. If you get your plant in just the right light it will reward you with lots of flowers. I would suggest repotting yours as soon as you can. Over time, soil breaks down and compacts and basically suffocates the roots. When you repot, be sure to get as much of the old soil off the roots as possible. There are many different mixes out there and I'll let others tell you about what they use, but I use equal parts decomposed granite, pearlite, fine pine bark, and potting soil. With some of my younger hoyas and more water loving hoyas, I use mostly pine bark and pearlite. I haven't gotten the hang of fertilizing yet, so I'll let others talk about that.

If you hang out here long enough you'll start accumulating more and more of these wonderful plants!

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susaninnorthga(Zone 7)

Tigerdawn, thank you so much. I can't believe how tough this plant is. How often should I fertilize it? Thanks for the great info, and I can tell I will get hooked.

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