Canning TVP products?

msmarieh(Z5/N IL)September 4, 2013

Does anyone know of any standards on canning with TVP (textured vegetable protein)? It's a meat substitute used by vegetarians, so it comes in forms similar to ground beef for instance. Any ideas on restrictions, quality, timing?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

No personal experience, just things I have read about it on other forums.

1) it would be re-canning already processed foods which isn't recommended with any foods for several reasons - unknown ingredients (fillers, stabilizers, etc), waste of energy, time and resources, etc.

2) it is soy so would have to be canned hot and then pressure canned not BWB canned so resulting quality would be very questionable

3) unknown processing times and no tested recipes available.

I won't go into all the arguments and discussions about the health issues and dietary restrictions associated with eating much TVP as all that info is readily available on the web.


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msmarieh(Z5/N IL)

Thanks Dave. I don't think she wants to just can tvp (this is for a friend, not me), but she wants to use it in chili and spaghetti sauce for instance. So the pressure canning wouldn't be an issue, as that was the plan anyway.

It's a shame they don't have any testing on this area.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Monique_CA(z9 CA mothrlode)

I am a veg and MFP too. I would recommend that she make the chili and spaghetti sauce as meatless, following approved recipes, and just add the tvp when she cooks up the meal.

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Seems to me there is loads of misinformation going around about soy products. It seems to me that Dairy councils have been working overtime spouting complete and utter rubbish.
How to make TVP
Soak soy beans in water for 8 hours
blend 1 cup of soy beans with 3.5 cups of water. either simmer this for 20 mins and drain through muslin or similar or drain first and then simmer for 20 mins.
You now have soy milk
making tofu
Add a mixture of 50/50 lemon juice and water or white 5% vinegar and water.
Stir and leave for a couple of mins. if does not curdle add a little more lemon/water mix to the say milk until it curdles. Don't add more than a cup at a time until you get used to the amounts.
Drain into a cloth, pat square or round or to your desired shape and place a small weight on top of the wrapped tofu curds until firm.
You now have tofu ( lots of examples on youtube)
To make tvp
place tofu in a freezer for 2 days
thaw and squeeze water from tofu. crumble into a bowl. you now have moist tvp which can be flavoured and made into shapes. you can air dry this tvp to get the dry stuff you buy in the shops. There are no additives in tvp .
I do a lot of canning and store tvp dry and add it to sauces. tvp reconstitutes quickly in water and can be added to any sauce.
Using soy will not under any circumstances give you female hormones and as i said is scare stories put about by meat marketing boards and dairy councils.

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