Wanted to share - home for my hostas

ivysmomApril 27, 2012

I just wanted to share a post I put up on our family blog, showing how we upgraded the only really shady/cool part of our yard and turned it into Hosta Alley :)

Last picture on the left shows the alleyway under its most intense direct sunlight. That lasts for about an hour each day, and the plants are showing no signs of distress, so I'm VERY happy that they are doing so well :) I thought I'd have my hands full getting a woodsy plant to grow in Houston, but so far so good!

Even my hydrangeas are doing better this year (I think my gardener's thumb is about 3 zones too far south, haha).

Here is a link that might be useful: Hosta Alley

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Holly looks great and love the red mulch. I've been to Houston and know how hot it can get. Not sure how much knowledge you have on hostas but know that growing them in subtropical climates can be a challange. I would recommend sticking with those varieties that are descendants of Hosta plantaginea at first. This plant has recently been discussed quite heavily in the forum. This plant is important to southern growers because it comes from south eastern China were warm temperate to subtropical temperatures are prevalent. It loves heat and so does it's progney. Another great heat lover is Great Expectations still considered to be one of the most beautiful hostas ever found. Many northern growers have difficulty in growing it successfully because of its need for warmth.


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jan_on zone 5b

Holly -- what a great project; I'm sure you and your family will get lots of pleasure out of that little space. Great family blog too!

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

It looks like you have some of them in chimney flues? I grow 3 of my hostas in chimney flues,up here in NC. Good job! Phil

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Thanks all :)

I don't know much about hostas, to be honest. However, my approach for anything green is be reasonable in my expectations and try it out. Worst result is it dies, right? I'm inclined to go with containers the first time around with plants so that if I pick a wrong spot, they can be moved. Did that with hydrangeas for a couple years and now I have a good idea of where things work for them. Hostas are my new hydrangeas :)

Phil: Those are square redwood planter boxes (the tree you see is just in a large pot). I assume that's what you're referring to -- chimneys aren't very common down here, so I'm having to take a little bit of a guess at what might be making you think chimney flue :) LOL!

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Holly, so pleased to have another person along the I-10 corridor join the Hosta Forum. There are several of us sorts here who are dealing with the same issues you are, or will be, dealing with in Houston.

I'm in Mobile, and just recently moved my smaller potted hosta into what I am calling my "allee" or walkway, which is another way of saying "alley" but with a French twist. I had the pathway and companion plants installed well before I discovered hosta. But until another member of the forum, Franknjim, made his similar path between his garage and the fenceline, I'd not thought to corral the smaller hosta there. Now, with sun becoming more potent, it looks like a real good location.

Hope you enjoy your new alley. Nice blog you have there.

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